As you get started on your journey, you have begun gathering the resources, inspiration, and tools you need to continue on your journey. Now it’s time to get out there, network, and connect with other founders.  There are lots of ways to build connections online through different communities, events, and social media networks. We’ve given you a few highlights of what you can use. 

🙋 Join a climate community

It’s not easy going at it alone. That’s why it’s great to bounce ideas off people in the same vertical or get some moral support. There are a number of slack groups designed to help founders find the resources they need to grow their businesses. 

Work On Climate is an action-oriented Slack community for people serious about climate work. Aside from the free slack community, they have events, expert office hours, and curated programs and resources.

Climate Action Tech is a Slack group to meet discuss, learn and take climate action together. Specifically, it is for those working in business culture & behavior change, green software engineering, sustainable product design, and low-carbon infrastructure.

AirMiners is a community for those particularly working in CDR (Carbon Dioxide Removal). It includes a Slack group, events, and even some educational material for those that are just getting started in the field.

New Energy Nexus builds ecosystems and runs programs that are locally tailored to support the specific needs of entrepreneurs in that region: providing accelerator services, capital, mentoring, skills and networks to help clean energy entrepreneurs thrive. They also have a free Slack group.

Greentech Alliance

Greentech Alliance is a community of greentech advisors VCs, media, and experts. It’s largely focused on greentech companies and facilitating networking between them. 

Startup Basecamp is building a Slack group specifically for climate tech founders, investors, and experts so founders can learn from each other and meet investors. The Slack group is for those members of our community that have updated their profiles on our free membership platform.

🎟️ Attend events and meet other founders

The Greentech Festival holds a number of events across the world celebrating, you guessed it, greentech. Take a look at where and when the next one might be!

The Climate Group is an international non-profit that holds the annual Climate Week NYC along with a number of other climate events year-round all around the world. 

Greenbiz is a media and events company focused on accelerating the green transition. They host several conferences around the green economy. They hold a number of events throughout the year.

Attend a climate conference near you

There are over two dozen climate conferences that take place every year and it can be hard to keep track. Every quarter, we create a list of all the major climate tech conferences on our radar. If we happened to miss one, email to let us know. 

Whether networking events, training courses, scientific studies, or inspirational speakers – there are so many different webinars and meetups that can help get you focused. Many of the communities we mentioned earlier run their own events, but if you want to cast a wider net, we recommend taking a look on Eventbrite or LinkedIn events. Most organizations will make a page on either of these two sites when advertising their events, so it’s a great place to start. Otherwise, Meetups might have some in-person events near you or there is always Twitter (search under #climatetech, #founders, or #startups). 

Or... join our member events that let you...





how to get started in climate tech: network

On our events page, we curate climate tech events from across the ecosystem, along with our own to provide you the best events to fast-track your growth

Looking through all the above sources can be tedious. Instead, every week we check all those sources for the best climate tech events, along with deadlines for accelerators, curated in a calendar of events.

✍️ Follow climate influencers

There are a lot of really smart people out there with interesting things to say. Go ahead and follow them on social media; they just might send a paradigm-shifting article or career-affirming meme over to your feed. We’ve curated a list of the most interesting and influential voices in climate tech that you should consider following.

Sometimes it's easier to just check the database...

airtable influencers database - how to get started in climate tech: network

We have a full database of all the best climate tech influencers. Sometimes looking through a database is easier than scrolling through a blog. 

Where to next on your journey?

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