The Climate Tech Companies to Watch This Month: August Week 3

In this monthly series, we will be doing a weekly feature of incredible ClimateTech Startups, companies, or projects that are leading the fight against the Climate Crisis. 

These startups work in a number of fast-growing industry categories which include but are not limited to; EDUTECH, FINTECH, GREENTECH (including Energy and Transportation), FOOD & AG TECH, and CONSTRUTECH.

This list will give you an opportunity to better understand the problem(s) they solve, the impact they are looking to have in the climate fight, and how you can potentially help them.

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Week 3:


1. Carbon Limit

 Founded: 2021, USA

Tim Sperry & Oro Padron 

Elevator Pitch:
Carbon Limit aims to turn CO2 pollution into Carbon Credits & construction byproducts using innovative solar-powered & portable DAC systems.

Problem They Solve:
In the latest IPCC report, it was highlighted that a certain level of climate damage has already been done, and will continue to bring consequences from the carbon emissions humanity has already released. The report outlined different degrees of carbon emission scenarios, all of which varied in severity and illustrated how important it is to reduce our carbon emissions immediately if we want to avoid catastrophic effects.

Carbon Limits technology, ZEO CarbonTech, was invented by introducing & enhancing natural nanotechnology to actively attract & remove CO2 from the atmosphere. The ZEO CarbonTech aims to create an Ecosystem & Network of the world’s first portable solar-powered Direct Air Capture Machines, with integrated software & hardware to optimize & verify carbon credit creation.

According to Carbon Limit, in 10 days, 1 of their DAC’s can reduce as much CO2 as 250 trees in 1 year.

Interested in Carbon Limit?
To find out more about Carbon Limits technology, see here



2020, Virginia, US

Alec Brewer, Simonne Guenette & Kobe Rogers

Elevator Pitch:
Transfoam harnesses engineered microorganisms and renewable feedstocks to tackle plastic pollution at the beginning and end of the product life cycle.

Problem They Solve:
Over the past 50 years, world plastic production has doubled, furthermore, it is reported that only 9% of all plastic is recycled. Plastic pollution is a threat to natural landscapes, animal life, marine life, humans, and is even reported to contribute to worsening flood impacts.

At Transfoam, plastic waste is used as a valuable resource rather than a burden. They use Polyhydroxybutrayte (a bio-based polymer with similar properties to current single-use plastics). PHB is both produced and consumed by microorganisms, leaving behind only traces of water and CO2. By using plastic waste as a feedstock for micro-organisms they remove plastic pollution from the environment and provide a safe, accessible alternative.

Early Stage

Interested in Transfoam?
To find out more about Trasfoam and their technology, see here


3. Icarus RT, Inc.

2016, California, US

Founders: Mark Anderson

Elevator Pitch:
Icarus RT sells a solar plus storage cogeneration system that boosts PV output and generates hot water, thus reducing utility costs and emissions for end-users.

Problem They Solve:
According to Icarus, today’s solar systems waste 80% of the sun’s energy. This is because they convert only about 21% of the solar energy they absorb into electricity.

Icarus has developed a hybrid solar PV/Thermal system which is snapped on the back of PV panels. The system cools the panels, collects rejected heat, and converts the heat into additional power to improve system efficiency and output. This allows the Icarus system to produce roughly 25% more power at a lower cost/kWh than the panels alone. This will change the ROI of solar PV, particularly for commercial and large utility-scale installations giving solar energy a higher value proposition.


Interested in Icarus RT?
To learn more about their technology,  or get in touch, see here



2017, San Francisco, CA

CEO: Vince Romanin

Elevator Pitch:
Gradient has developed home heaters and air conditioners that are less harmful to the planet.

Problem They Solve:
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) technology has traditionally used hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants such as R410a. According to Gradient, just 1kg of this product has an impact on the planet equivalent to 2 tons of CO2. Moreover, as climates change and weather patterns become more extreme, more people will become reliant on HVAC technologies.

Gradient’s systems use R32, a refrigerant alternative to R410a that carries heat and has a lower environmental impact. Gradients technology is also easy to self-install and fits below the window to avoid obstructing natural light. 

Stage: Seed

Interested in Gradient?
To learn more about Gradients technology, or get early access, see here


5.Carbon Analytics

2013, London

 Founder & CEO: Michael Thornton

Elevator Pitch:
Carbon Analytics has developed an automated carbon footprint dashboard that integrates with your accounting software.

Problem They Solve:
In order to successfully transition to a low-carbon economy, businesses need to be empowered with accurate and up-to-date information about their carbon footprint. However, this can often become costly and time-consuming to measure as a company expands.

Carbon Analytics works for businesses of all sizes and automates the complex measurements involved in carbon footprinting by converting data already on hand (such as purchase records from your accounting system) into their carbon and water equivalents. This allows businesses to focus their time and money on improving their carbon footprint rather than tracking it. Their platform includes measurements such as:
• Detailed carbon footprint analysis’
• Scope 1,2 and 3 reports
• Carbon calculator APIs for your business and more

Stage & Amount Raised:
Seed, $106.2K

Interested in Carbon Analytics?
To learn more about their technology or get started, see here.

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