The Climate Tech Companies to Watch This Month: September Week 1

In this monthly series, we will be doing a weekly feature of incredible ClimateTech Startups, companies, or projects that are leading the fight against the Climate Crisis. 

These startups work in a number of fast-growing industry categories which include but are not limited to; EDUTECH, FINTECH, GREENTECH (including Energy and Transportation), FOOD & AG TECH, and CONSTRUTECH.

This list will give you an opportunity to better understand the problem(s) they solve, the impact they are looking to have in the climate fight, and how you can potentially help them.

This initiative from Startup Basecamp aims to support founders by giving them access to networking and exposure opportunities that help them to scale and finance their Climate Tech solutions together with you.

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Week 1:


1. SkyCool Systems

 Founded: 2016, CA, US

Eli Goldstein & Aaswath Raman

Elevator Pitch:
SkyCool Systems is a clean energy company focused on building energy-efficient cooling solutions.

Problem They Solve:
Cooling currently consumes +-25% of electricity generated worldwide and is responsible for 7% of GHG emissions. As populations grow and climate events become more extreme, the demand for HVAC technologies is going to increase. We must find a way to make these more sustainable if we want to prevent further climate damage.

SkyCool’s primary technology uses a radiative cooling material that they have combined with a panel system to improve the efficiency of any vapor-compression-based cooling system. These panels can be used as an add-on to air conditioning and refrigeration systems and has been found to yield between a 10% to 40% efficiency improvement depending on the integration mode. This saves customers money by reducing their electrical load in peak periods and saves the planet on harmful emissions.

Stage & Amount Raised:
Seed, US$ 1.6M

Interested in SkyCool?
To find out more about SkyCool’s technology, see here



2019, Miami, Florida

Damian Estrada, Jeisson Prieto

Elevator Pitch:
Mandatum has created a free plugin for online stores that hacks the supply chain to pay for conservation efforts and gives discounts to shoppers.​

Problem They Solve:
According to Mandatum, forests and oceans need an additional $700 billion/year to halt biodiversity loss by 2030. They have also found that Unsustainable shopping practices consume $750 billion/year in the USA alone. Mandatum is on a mission to redirect this money back into nature and give eco-conscious Americans the ability to fund important sustainability projects.

Mandatum provides its shoppers with flexible delivery times, giving brands the ability to generate efficiencies that pay for donations, discounts, and extra profits. Mandatum then manages the donation process end-to-end with environmental organizations in developing countries. The benefit of this process is numerous allowing brands to enhance their ESG performance, improving cart conversions, Rewarding shoppers, and supporting climate efforts at no additional costs.

Early Stage

Interested in Mandatum?
To find out more about Mandatum and their technology, see here


3. Avrio

2020, Poland

Founders: Ankit Chouhan, Puneet Batra

Elevator Pitch:
Avrio is using an AI-powered facility operating system to enable distributed enterprises to decarbonize their building infrastructure.

Problem They Solve:
Studies show that buildings are responsible for 28% of global CO2 emissions. Advances in technology will be key to combatting this issue if we want to continue to provide for growing populations and avoid climate collapse.

Avrio aims to use data and technology to decarbonize one of the world’s largest asset classes—real estate. This will improve financial performance for businesses, enhance our quality of life, accelerate sustainable living, and tackle the climate crisis.


Interested in Avrio?
To learn more about their technology,  or get in touch, see here


4. Zero

2018, San Francisco & Israel

Founders: Liron Nimrodi, Amiel David

Elevator Pitch:
Zero Egg has developed a plant-based egg that is lighter on the planet’s resources.

Problem They Solve:
According to Zero egg, the amount of water required to produce 12 ordinary eggs is 636 gallons, working out to 53 gallons per egg. They estimate that plant-based eggs use 93% less water, 92% less land & 93% less energy.

Zero Egg has developed an egg made of soy and pea flour that uses scrambles, bakes, binds, spreads, and fluffs, just like an ordinary egg. The egg is free from generic egg allergens, has better food safety, provides easier and safer storage, is a cost-effective solution, and has a longer shelf life.

Stage & Amount Raised: Series A, US $8M

Interested in Zero Egg?
Zero Egg is currently available in the US, EU, and Israel. To order, see here



2013, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

 Managing Director: George May

Elevator Pitch:
Bio-bean are the worlds largest recycler of coffee grounds and produce various products form them for both commercial and industrial markets

Problem They Solve:
Bio-Bean has found that the UK consumes 95 million cups of coffee every day. These grounds, when disregarded as waste, often end up in a landfill and generate methane, creating a large cost to the planet and the companies that pay landfill tax.

Bio-Bean produces and is continuously developing a range of uses for used coffee grounds. These include extractions such as flavor and fragrance products, cosmetics, dyes, pigments, and more. They have also created solid bio-fuel products such as coffee logs and coffee pellets

 Amount Raised:
US $ 7.5M

Interested in Bio-Bean?
To learn more about their technology & products, see here.

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