Episode 73

Meet the Founder series

Episode #73

Dr Fabian Heilemann

Founder & CEO @ AENU

A collaborative approach to impact investing

Part 1:

Today we sat down with Dr Fabian Heilemann founder & CEO @ Aenu, a VC impact fund focused on early-stage companies primarily located in northern Europe and the UK. With his evergreen Fund, Aenu is breaking free of the ten-year VC traditional fund model to build lasting relationships with the founders it invests in by following startups through to post-IPO.


Fabian’s background as an entrepreneur began early on when he first partnered with his brother to start a food truck business. He has since then started five companies including one that was sold to Google, and used the proceeds to enter the investing space. But it was only later that he and his brother began to think about impact and pivot toward the climate space and together they started AENU, which is now a 100M Evergreen fund. 


During this episode, Fabian takes us on a deep dive to understand what the overall climate tech sector looks like and how it differs across continents. Is it collaborative or competitive? Which sectors are most exciting or over-hyped? Come along as we get a bird’s eye view of the global climate tech ecosystem with an investor that has a foot on both continents.


In the second part of the show, Fabian gives a few super valuable tips on how to frame your pitch to be the most impactful and what he does to keep his energy up.

Part 2:

My Secret Sauce

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