Episode 98

Meet the Founder series

Episode #98

Ranjeet Bhalerao

Co-Founder & CEO @ MapMortar

Pioneering Zero-Carbon Retrofits

Part 1:

Welcome to another episode of Tech 4 Climate, today we’re zooming into MapMortar, a trailblazer in the real estate sector. With commercial buildings accounting for around 40% of the global carbon footprint, the push for a sustainable makeover is critical. Mortar.io tackles this challenge with its virtual modeling and simulation platforms, making decarbonization retrofits viable and also profitable. Ranjeet, a chartered engineer, shares his journey from working on groundbreaking solar thermal power technology in India to spearheading sustainable transformations in the building sector. Inspired by a legacy of family involvement in real estate and a series of innovative ventures, Ranjeet’s approach to Mortar.io combines his engineering acumen with a deep commitment to fighting climate change. Join us as we explore the complex landscape of building retrofits, discussing the technical challenges, market opportunities, and regulatory frameworks that shape the industry. Ranjeet will share insights into how MapMortar’s technology is advancing the movement towards zero-carbon commercial buildings and what the future holds for sustainable urban development.


In this second part of the episode, Ranjeet shares his strategies for navigating fundraising challenges and maintaining resilience during setbacks. He also reveals how prioritizing family time and structured breaks from work help him achieve a sustainable work-life balance.

Part 2:

My Secret Sauce

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