Climate Investors Alliance

Climate Investors Alliance

We invest in exceptional Climate Tech Founders

Invest in the next generation
of Climate Leaders

Our unfair advantage to fight climate change

We do more than invest

We connect the best




We Collaborate with Over 150+ investors

Alliance Members Benefits

Connect with a global network of investors

Monthly Investments opportunities

Access to deals always lead by the best VC's

Global portfolio diversification

In person & Online Exclusive Events

How does Our Climate Investors Alliance Work?

We Curate, Share & Structure the Deal

startups by ghg emissions per sector - getting started in climate tech: learn

Alliance Members access to the deals

Which Startups Fit our Thesis?


Highly scalable climate tech startups with the potential to transform industries for the better, all while attracting substantial venture returns.


Pre-seed and Seed Rounds lead by top tiers VC's.


Hardware & Software Technologies.
Agnostic Across Climate Tech.
Prioritizing High-Impact Solutions for Mitigating and Adapting to the Climate Crisis.

(energy, Transportation, Food & Agriculture, Industry, and the Built Environment)


Global - EU, UK, US, Canada, Israel, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand.

Are you a Founder looking for funding?

We support & invest in tech-driven companies developing ground-breaking solutions to tackle climate change.

Send us your company details to be considered for funding.

Investing up to €350K

Founder First Approach

Investing in VC-led rounds

FAQ - Alliance Members

Direct sourcing & Referral Deals: While inbound are strong numerous investors and players collaborate with us by sharing exceptional startups. We screen over 100 companies per month & select only on average 3-4 companies fit our thesis criteria. Then, only VC’s lead deals will be presented to the Alliance

On average, we structure 1 deal per month for our Investors Alliance that include a deadline for each deal.

The minimum investment amount is €10k per ticket. However, it is the sole discretion of each accredited investors to decide if the investments fits their personal criteria for investments.

No, our Climate Investor Alliance is invite-only, ensuring top-quality investors collaborate within an exclusive network.

No, our Climate Investor Alliance is invite-only, ensuring top-quality investors collaborate within an exclusive network.

  • 0% Management Fees
  • 20% Carry
  • SPV Costs pro-rated to deal participants
  • €69 (Eur.) Monthly Club membership fee

We encourage investors to also perfom direct investments with the company if the founders find it a fit.

A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) has been set up for the syndicate fund. This SPV serves as a dedicated legal entity tailored for managing and executing the fund’s specific investments.

Yes, we encourage all the club members to be an active participant in the ecosystem by giving support with their network and provide expertise to each startup.

Join us right now:

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