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More than offsetting, it’s about reducing

During the show, you will have the opportunity to meet the best climate tech founders, investors, and experts from Silicon Valley and around the globe. 

They will share their stories and personal journeys into this growing and exciting industry, giving you some insight into the ecosystems can that help you participate in the fight against climate change and benefit from the opportunities it can present.

The podcast is divided into 2 parts

Part I : "Meet the Guest Speaker"

During the first part, you will get to know our speakers, what they do and their perspectives on the climate crisis, and how ClimateTech is changing the game.

Part II : "What's my Secret Sauce?"

You will learn from the speakers; their secret sauce on how to and share with you their unique expertise on topics such as fundraising, management, strategy, etc, to help you to become a better leader in your field.

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Food for thought

Björn Witte, Managing Partner and CEO Blue Horizon.

Foodtech is the largest market, four times bigger than software. Learn about the future of foodtech from one of its forefront investors.



Let there be light… and equitable access to EV charging.

Jeff Prosserman, Co-founder and CEO at Voltpost

Easy access to onstreet electrical charging is one of the significant barriers to adopting EVs nationwide. Jeff Prosserman is trying to fix that.



What gives the Nordic region a leg up in Climate Tech?

Terhi Johanna Vapola, Vice President, Head & Founder @ Helen Ventures

The Nordic countries are home to a significant proportion of climate tech startups. So what makes the region so fruitful for innovation?



Is it too late for the VC model for climate change?

Ibrahim AlHusseini, Managing Partner @ FullCycle

If there is a fire in your backyard, you don’t develop firefighting technology, you deploy what you have at scale. Ibrahim is helping do that.



How can climate tech make a positive impact in India?

Priya Shah, General Partner @ Theia Ventures

India is the fourth global emitter and soon will be the most populous country. Its role in the climate challenge is key. So what is it doing to address that and how is Priya Shah at the center of it?



Sweeping away the world’s carbon emissions

Raphael Güller, Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer @ Sweep

Designed for big companies, Sweep tackles a big problem - how to manage a company’s emissions and that of all their suppliers and customers.



Can you drink Avocado seeds? Yes indeed!

Sheetal Bahirat, Founder and CEO at Hidden Gems Beverage Company

Sheetal was frustrated with the amount of food wasted in regular food processing, so she founded a company that explored the hidden gems left behind in the food we treasured.



Is Israel poised to be a climate tech leader?

Itamar Weizman, Partner and Head of Climate Investments @ Firstime VC

From politics to publishing, and now venture capital, Itamar Weizman provides a fascinating look at the climate tech landscape in Israel and beyond.



Using naturally occurring minerals for direct air capture

Noah McQueen, Co-Founder and Head of Research at Heirloom

Noah understands that DAC is not only necessary to counteract climate change, but is an important tool for carbon-producing countries to take responsibility for their emissions.



On a mission to retrofit every fossil-fuel based facility

Natan Shahar, Founder and CEO @ Standard Carbon

Natan believes in the power and potential of humanity; that’s why he is doing his part to protect it.



Creating a retirement fund that actually fights climate change

Zach Stein, Co-founder @ Carbon Collective

Zach has always worked as a sustainability entrepreneur; from a worm farm to Carbon Collective, Zach understands the scale of investing required to counteract climate change.



Partnering with founders for human and planetary health

Paul Straub, Managing Partner & Co-Founder at Wireframe Ventures

Based in the Bay Area and with investments reaching across the pond, Paul Straub explains why focusing on the environment and human health are a multi-decade need and trend that he has capitalized on to ensure his investments make a significant impact.



A carbon-negative solution to cement-making

Cody Finke, Co-founder and CEO @ Brimstone Energy

Looking for solutions to climate change can often be in the overlooked processes we use to build our society



Funding Frontier Tech

Michael Luciani, founder @ Exponential Impact

From political tech to frontier tech, Michael found you don’t need a science background to make a big impact in climate tech.



A free & reliable carbon footprint solution for SMEs

William Loopesko, Founder and CTO of Aclymate

Starting his career as an environmental engineer, William found that one of the best ways of protecting the planet was with climate tech.



A founder-friendly capital solution for climate entrepreneurs

Dimitry Gershenson, Founder and CEO of Enduring Planet

From living in rural Honduras to Facebook and now funding climate tech, meet Dimitry Gershenson, Founder and CEO of Enduring Planet



Profitability with sustainability is the key to win big with impact

Ben Kortlang, Partner @ G2 Venture Partners (G2VP)

From Goldman to Kleiner and the launch of G2VP, this Aussie has been at the forefront of support for entrepreneurs at the growth stage who are unlocking new paths to environmentally and socially responsible economic growth. Meet Ben Kortlang, Partner @ G2VP



Incentivising consumers to buy better.

Lizzie Horvitz, Founder and CEO @ Finch

From an off-the-grid community in the Bahamas and a multinational consumer goods company, to founding a product insights startup. Meet Lizzie Horvitz, Founder, and CEO of Finch.



Returning the atmosphere to 280 ppm CO2, profitably.

Kelly Hering, CTO and Co-Founder @ Charm Industrial

Satellite builder, rocket designer, and now co-founder of one of the fastest growing CO2 removal companies. Meet Kelly Hering, CTO & Co-Founder at Charm Industrial.



17+ years dedicated to the nexus of climate tech.

Christina O’Conor, Partner @ Congruent Ventures

This VC firm is supporting the companies that will positively impact how we move, create, eat, & live.



Using Drones to Reforest & Offer Carbon Offsets.

Grant Canary, Founder and CEO @ DroneSeed

From using food waste to feed insect larvae for industrial fish feed, to launching a reforestation startup and one-stop reforestation shop, meet the incredible man behind Drone Seed.



Is cleaner aviation possible? Yes, and its getting support!

Erin Beilharz, Managing Director CleanTech Hub @ Lufthansa Group

Passionate about nature, travel and putting people together to invent the aviation industry of tomorrow, meet the incredible Erin Beilharz.



Investing in Startups That Can Save 100 Mgt CO2 eqv

Danijel Višević, Founding Partner @ World Fund

A journalist, communication expert in politics, and now founding partner in a 350M fund supporting climate tech founders, meet the incredible Danijel Višević.



The Climate Change Battle Happens in Cities.

Christian Hernandez, Partner & Co-Founder @ 2150

A self-described Geek who supports and backs mission-driven tech entrepreneurs focusing on the full stack of the urban environment, meet the incredible Christian Hernandez



GMO bacterias to produce alternatives to oil-based chemicals

Benjamin Ng, Co-founder @ AromatEco

Meet the winner of our last pitch competition who is producing carbon-negative chemicals for the flavor & fragrances industry through bioengineered micro-organisms.



Finally, a 401K that makes it easy to stay out of fossil fuels investments

Alex Wright-Gladstein, CEO and Founder @ Sphere

Meet the incredible woman who wanted to offer her employees a 401k that wasn’t invested in fossil fuels, but could not find one - so built the tools to make it happen! Alex launched a movement to get fossil fuels out of 401(k)s by building a community of employees across hundreds of companies and is already on track to take away 3 billion from the fossil industry.



Running & working out to earn #NFTTREES

Brittany Salas, Co-Founder and CEO @ Sadu app

Meet the woman helping companies to engage their employees in climate action.



Carbon Removal is vast & VC Firm focus on it

Caitlin Wale, Senior Associate @ Counteract

From the South African Mining industry to investing in and supporting pre-seed and seed carbon removal entrepreneurs, meet the incredible Caitlin Wale.



Mother, Founder & Successful Climate Tech Investor

Pippa Gawley, Founder and Director @ Zero Carbon Capital

From EBAY in the UK to Silicon Valley and back to the UK to make the world a better place and launch Zero Carbon Capital, meet the incredible Pippa Gawley.



Meet the Cleantech Open Northeast Finalists for 2021

Beth Zonis, Senior Director @ Cleantech Open Northeast

Meet 4 incredible entrepreneurs deploying new innovations in the fight against climate change.



“Real Time” Space Imagery for Better Climate Decisions

Anthony Baker, Founder and CEO @ Satellite Vu

Meet a Space geek who, after 20 years in the aerospace industry, dropped his comfortable paycheck to build a satellite company from scratch that can help make better decisions in the fight against climate change.



Can You be a Certified B Corp VC fund? Yes!

Mike Winterfield Founder, & Managing Partners @ Active Impact Investments​

Discover the adventurous story of Mike Winterfield and his passion for getting “lost in nature”, building high performing teams and creating impact at scale through investments & support of early stage climate startups with Active Impact Investments.



Does the “Impossible” of Fish Cultured Meat Exist? Yes!

Mihir Pershad, CEO @ Umami Meats

From US to Asia meet Mihir Pershad, the Bioengineer & serial entrepreneur who is growing seafood without the fish by crafting sustainable cultivated seafood from a lab.



Are you a VC Looking to Invest in Climate?

Mehrad Yaghmai, Program Director @

From Dubai to California, Mehrad invests and teaches others to invest in Climate Tech.



The New Zealand VC Investing in Climate & Frontier Tech

Derek Handley, Co-Founder and Managing Partner @ Aera VC

Astronaut in waiting, Serial entrepreneur, founder CEO of a non-profit (BTeam) co-founded by Sir Richard Branson, and now an impactful investor with Aera VC. Meet Derek Handley, who believes in the amazing potential of the human spirit to build solutions for global problems such as Climate Change.



Clean Energy Startups Have a Home!

Dr. David Miller, Co-Founder @ Clean Energy Ventures

From successful Telco Entrepreneur, to investing in startups which have the potential to mitigate 2.5 gigatons of CO2 by 2050, discover the story of Dr. David Miller with Clean Energy Venture.



Can Impact Tech Founders & VC’s Work Together?

Alex Teng, Chief Of Staff @ Fifty Years VC

From his work at Caltech Labs running Climate change studies to his role at Fifty years VC supporting portfolio companies and investments decisions with his deep science background, discover the unique story of Alex Teng.



Looking to Take Steps Against Climate Change?

#21 Candice Ammori, Founder & Director Climate Tech @ On Deck

Learn more about the power of “community” and how connecting with talented, like minded individuals can drive innovations to accelerate the fight against climate change.



How Can FoodTech Help Combat Climate Change?

Chiara Cecchini, CEO & Co-Founder @ Future Food Americas

Learn more about the state of Food Tech industry today and how its innovation can accelerate the fight against climate change.



Better Packaging 4 the Planet? Yes, But Where?

Karolina Ling-Vannerus, Founder & CEO @ Circulate

From her passion for Freeskiing, to working at McKinsey an launching the first B2B marketplace for sustainable packaging, discover the story of Karolina and Circulate.



The Climate Tech Industry is Booming & That’s Good News!

Sophie Purdom, Co-founder @ ClimateTech VC

From Blog Post to the ClimateTech Newsletter, Discover the story of ClimateTech VC co-founders.



"You Have 80.000h of Work in Your Life & I'm Spending Them Fighting Climate Change!"

Ryan Kushner, Co-founder and Director of Startups @ Third Derivative

From Burning Man, to writing a book, and dedicating his whole career to supporting ClimateTech founders, discover the unique story and insights from Ryan Kushner.



Is CO2 Capture Possible From a Cooling Tower? Yes & it's Genius!

Josh Santos, Co-founder and CEO at Noya

From building their 1st prototype in their backyard, getting the SF bomb squad sent by the neighbors, and being backed by YC and Lower Carbon Capital, discover how Noya is using existing “boring” cooling towers to capture tons of C02.



Can an Open Source AI Model Solve The Eco Collapse?

Troy Carter, Founder and CEO at Earthshot Labs

Learn how their unique open-source machine learning models can incentivise better land use management contributing to solve ecological collapse at a global level.



Good 4 Your Financial Returns, Good 4 The Planet

Jacqueline van den Ende, Co-founder at Carbon Equity

Good for your financial returns, good for the planet. Discover a new way to put your money to work for the climate while increasing your odds of making significant returns.



Founders Fighting Climate Change Are Not Alone

Kimberly Baker, Director of Innovation at Elemental Excelerator

“It takes a village to empower founders tackling Climate Change”. Discover how Elemental Excelerator is bringing an enormous contribution into it.



The Death of Petrol Based Plastics is Possible

Robert Luo, Founder & CEO at Mi Terro

Mi Terro’s unique proprietary tech allows agricultural waste to be upcycled into compostable biomaterials to replace plastic and paper for food, fashion & packaging.



Plant Based Food 4 Your Dogs? Yes! As Seen on Shark Tank

Ryan Bethencourt, CEO at Wild Earth

Discover how Wild Earth are creating clean protein pet foods that are healthier for your pet and better for the environment.



Planting Trees to Fight Climate Change? Yes, & It's Fun.

Federico Garcea, Co-founder & CEO @ Treedom

From selling Italian Gelato to launching the 1st online community to plant 1.9M trees remotely with local farmers.



Turning CO2 Into Stones to Store it? Yes You Can!

Bergur Sigfússon, Head of CO2 capture and injection at CarbFix

Learn more about the science and opportunities to turn C02 into stones with Carbfix.



From Goldman Sachs to Climate Tech VC

Andreea Constantinescu, Partner at Planet First Partners

From Goldman Sachs to Climate Tech VC’s. Discover the incredible story of Andreea and Planet First.



From Tech To Climate Tech! Learn How

Sylvain Carle, Senior Director at SecondMuse

From Tech To ClimateTech! Learn how Sylvain made the jump to support early stage Climate Tech founders.



What is Your Plan? Let's Fight Climate Change!

Lubomila Jordanova, CEO & Co-Founder at Plan A

Plan A in the fight against Climate Change.



Carbon-Negative Concrete Exists!

Chris Stern, CEO and Co-founder at CarbiCrete

Carbicrete’s innovative Carbon-negative concrete process is the new weapon to tackle the 10% of Global C02 emitted by the concrete production.



Quantitative Approach to Validate and Measure Impact

Fridtjof Detzner &  Nick de la Forge, Co-founders of Planet A

Discover how Planet A’s team is driving their investment decisions using a quantitative approach to validate and measure impact as their central metric of success.



Access Clothes With Style and Impact

Lisa Gautier, CEO and Co-founder of Hackyourcloset

From Spotify to Fashion: How Lisa is changing the way you can access clothes with style and impact.



One of the Top European Climate Tech Funds

Heidi Lindvall, General Partner at Pale Blue Dot

From a human rights journalist to co-founding one of the Top European ClimateTech funds with 100+M USD under management.



Diamonds Can be Made of Captured CO2

Ryan Shearman, Co-founder & CEO of Aether Diamonds

Discover how the world's first Sustainable Diamonds are made of CO2 captured in the air.


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