Tech 4 Climate Podcast

Tech 4 Climate Podcast


Welcome to the Tech 4 Climate Podcast

During the show, you will have the opportunity to meet the best ClimateTech Founders, Investors, and Experts from Silicon Valley and around the Globe. 

They will share with you their stories and personal journeys into this growing and exciting industry, giving you some insights into the ecosystems that help you take part in the fight against climate change and benefit from the opportunities it can present.

How it works

The podcast is divided into 2 short interviews:

Part I :
“Meet the guest speaker”

During the first part, you will get to know our speakers, what they do and their perspectives on the climate crisis, and how ClimateTech is changing the game.

Part II :
“What’s my secret sauce?”

You will learn from the speakers; their secret sauce on how to and share with you their unique expertise on topics such as fundraising, management, strategy, etc, to help you to become a better leader in your field.


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Episode #12: Meet the Founder series


Robert Luo

Founder & CEO at Mi Terro®/ Forbes Under 30 Scholar/ GreenBiz 30 Under 30

Part 1: Meet the Founder:

During this new episode of our Founder series, we are sitting down with  Robert Luo , Founder & CEO at Mi Terro®/ Forbes 30 Under 30 Scholar/ GreenBiz 30 Under 30 and winner of the Startup basecamp Global online ClimateTech Pitch competition last June. I was excited to have Rob on the show as he is an incredible serial entrepreneur who is now tackling the enormous problems presented by conventional plastics, one of the most pressing issues for our planet today.  Mi Terro’s unique proprietary tech allows agricultural waste to be upcycled into compostable biomaterials to replace plastic and paper for food, fashion & packaging. We will cover the unique journey of the company and the potential that it presents in terms of market and impact opportunities. Finally, we will speak about the exciting future of the company which just started a pilot with Budweiser china.

Part 2: My secret sauce:

During the second part of the talk, Rob will give his secret sauce for early stage founders looking to fundraise. He will share advice on how to unlock big partners while being an early stage company, and his work life balance tips for founders.  Finally, he will share with you his view on the opportunities that the ClimateTech ecosystems represents today. 

#11 Ryan Bethencourt, CEO at Wild Earth

Discover how Wild Earth are creating clean protein pet foods that are healthier for your pet and better for the environment.

#10 Federico Garcea, Co-founder & CEO @ Treedom

From selling Italian Gelato to launching the 1st online community to plant 1.9M trees remotely with local farmers.

#9 Bergur Sigfússon, Head of CO2 capture and injection at CarbFix

Learn more about the science and opportunities to turn C02 into stones with Carbfix.

#8 Andreea Constantinescu, Partner at Planet First Partners

From Goldman Sachs to ClimateTech VC’s. Discover the incredible story of Andreea and Planet First.

#7 Sylvain Carle, Senior Director at SecondMuse

From Tech To ClimateTech! Learn how Sylvain made the jump to support early stage Climate Tech founders.

#6 Lubomila Jordanova, CEO & Co-Founder at Plan A

Plan A in the fight against Climate Change.

#5 Chris Stern, CEO and Co-founder at CarbiCrete

Carbicrete’s innovative Carbon-negative concrete process is the new weapon to tackle the 10% of Global C02 emitted by the concrete production.

#4 Fridtjof Detzner &  Nick de la Forge, Co-founders of Planet A

Discover how Planet A’s team is driving their investment decisions using a quantitative approach to validate and measure impact as their central metric of success.

#3 Lisa Gautier, CEO and Co-founder of Hackyourcloset

From Spotify to Fashion: How Lisa is changing the way you can access clothes with style and impact.

#2 Heidi Lindvall, General Partner at Pale Blue Dot

From a human rights journalist to co-founding one of the Top European ClimateTech funds with 100+M USD under management.

#1 Ryan Shearman, Co-founder & CEO of Aether Diamonds

Discover how the world's first Sustainable Diamonds are made of CO2 captured in the air.


Online Pitch Competition

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September 28TH 2021

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