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Meet the Founder series

Waving energy dependency goodbye for coastal communities

During the show, you will have the opportunity to meet the best climate tech founders, investors, and experts from Silicon Valley and around the globe. 

They will share their stories and personal journeys into this growing and exciting industry, giving you some insight into the ecosystems can that help you participate in the fight against climate change and benefit from the opportunities it can present.

The podcast is divided into 2 parts

Part I : "Meet the Guest Speaker"

During the first part, you will get to know our speakers, what they do and their perspectives on the climate crisis, and how ClimateTech is changing the game.

Part II : "What's my Secret Sauce?"

You will learn from the speakers; their secret sauce on how to and share with you their unique expertise on topics such as fundraising, management, strategy, etc, to help you to become a better leader in your field.

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How a need for refugee homes inspired better plastic

Alex Blum, Co-Founder @ Applied Bioplastics

After flying to Bangladesh to help with the Rohingya Crisis, Alex Blum discovered a new way of creating plastics that was more sustainable and could have a huge impact on the construction industry.



Deep-water floating wind turbines innovation is happening

Jon Salazar, Founder and CEO @ Gazelle Wind Power

Gazelle has developed a unique and innovative Hybrid Floating Platform with high stability and attenuated pitch, designed and engineered by leading expert naval engineers. The company is on a mission to enable the power of wind for the globe and accelerate the worldwide opportunity for deep-water offshore wind energy.



Innovations across the sector: Meet the Cleantech Open Northeast Finalists

Beth Zonis, Senior Director @ Cleantech Open Northeast

The Cleantech Open is considered the world’s oldest and largest cleantech accelerator, providing entrepreneurs and technologists the resources needed to launch a successful cleantech company.



Keeping your food carbon neutral is possible.

Marcus Lovell Smith CEO @ Neutral

It was utterly fascinating to converse with Marcus and learn the ins and outs of the dairy industry and how Neutral is tackling the emissions of a notoriously difficult sector to decarbonize.



Energizing the global battery market

Nadav Steinmetz, Founder & CEO @ Nomea

Electrification is not a trend, it’s a revolution, and batteries are at the forefront. Nadav Steinmetz from Nomea helps us explore where the market is going.



“You can indeed make money and do good for a better world”

Wes Selke, Founder Partner @ Better Ventures

Wes set out to prove that you can indeed do both things by investing in mission-driven startups.



Investment contrarian, climate tech champion

Rokas Peciulaitis, Founder & Managing Partner @ Contrarian Ventures

Rokas makes early-stage, audacious investments that lead to big wins for climate.



Investing in global foodtech from Australia.

Phil Morle, Partner @ Main Sequence Ventures.

The global food system needs a reboot. Phil Morle, deeptech investor and foodtech expert, explains why.



More than offsetting, it’s about reducing

Maria Fujihara, Founder and CEO @ SINAI

Offsetting is important, but only for what can’t be otherwise reduced. Maria explains the nuances of the carbon markets and how it’s making a big impact in climate tech.



Food for thought

Björn Witte, Managing Partner and CEO @ Blue Horizon

Foodtech is the largest market, four times bigger than software. Learn about the future of foodtech from one of its forefront investors.



Let there be light… and equitable access to EV charging.

Jeff Prosserman, Co-founder and CEO @ Voltpost

Easy access to onstreet electrical charging is one of the significant barriers to adopting EVs nationwide. Jeff Prosserman is trying to fix that.



What gives the Nordic region a leg up in Climate Tech?

Terhi Johanna Vapola, Vice President, Head & Founder @ Helen Ventures

The Nordic countries are home to a significant proportion of climate tech startups. So what makes the region so fruitful for innovation?



Is it too late for the VC model for climate change?

Ibrahim AlHusseini, Managing Partner @ FullCycle

If there is a fire in your backyard, you don’t develop firefighting technology, you deploy what you have at scale. Ibrahim is helping do that.



How can climate tech make a positive impact in India?

Priya Shah, General Partner @ Theia Ventures

India is the fourth global emitter and soon will be the most populous country. Its role in the climate challenge is key. So what is it doing to address that and how is Priya Shah at the center of it?



Sweeping away the world’s carbon emissions

Raphael Güller, Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer @ Sweep

Designed for big companies, Sweep tackles a big problem - how to manage a company’s emissions and that of all their suppliers and customers.



Can you drink Avocado seeds? Yes indeed!

Sheetal Bahirat, Founder and CEO at Hidden Gems Beverage Company

Sheetal was frustrated with the amount of food wasted in regular food processing, so she founded a company that explored the hidden gems left behind in the food we treasured.



Is Israel poised to be a climate tech leader?

Itamar Weizman, Partner and Head of Climate Investments @ Firstime VC

From politics to publishing, and now venture capital, Itamar Weizman provides a fascinating look at the climate tech landscape in Israel and beyond.


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