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Ep. #86

Meet the Investor series

With the development of Tech and AI, how do we innovate to reduce E-Waste and make Data Centers sustainable?

During the show, you will have the opportunity to meet the best climate tech founders, investors, and experts from Silicon Valley and around the globe. 

They will share their stories and personal journeys into this growing and exciting industry, giving you some insight into the ecosystems can that help you participate in the fight against climate change and benefit from the opportunities it can present.

The podcast is divided into 2 parts

Part I : "Meet the Guest Speaker"

During the first part, you will get to know our speakers, what they do and their perspectives on the climate crisis, and how ClimateTech is changing the game.

Part II : "What's my Secret Sauce?"

You will learn from the speakers; their secret sauce on how to and share with you their unique expertise on topics such as fundraising, management, strategy, etc, to help you to become a better leader in your field.

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Leading investors, founders, and women in tech

Funding and building a greener ecosystem

New solutions to climate challenge


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Building a sustainable future: Modernizing and Decarbonizing the Built Environment

Deep diving the Mining Industry: Environmental Impacts, Solutions, and Corporate Innovation



Tech-Enabled Unicorns and Navigating the Energy Transition

From Australia’s Energy Sector to scaling Unicorns. Albert Bielinko discusses the challenges for residential adoption of renewable energy and gives us an insight into what it takes to build and scale a unicorn.



Unlocking the Future of Energy Storage: Decarbonizing Industries

Join us as we unlock the potential of multifunctional high temperature energy storage and its pivotal role in spearheading the global transition away from fossil fuels.



Adaptation is decarbonization

Is there a zero sum trade-off between investing in mitigation and investing in adaptation? Alex Laplaza from Lowercarbon Capital discusses the importance of adaptation and building resilience to mitigate the felt human and economical impacts of climate change.



Regeneration Generation

Katie Hoffman from Regeneration VC helps us explore the textiles industry and how new consumer products with regenerative qualities can help to create better methods, mechanisms and systems, whilst reducing pollutants.



How do we bring this to the masses?

Taking consumer products from one to beyond. Meera Clarke from Redpoint Ventures helps us explore where the B2B and B2C consumer market is going from a Climate focused venture perspective.



A concrete solution to remove carbon & make cement carbon neutral

Using biochar as a replacement for cement, Mario pulls carbon from the atmosphere and addresses the emissions of the world’s second most used material.



Plastic is a great product, its alternatives are even better

Plastic is amazing because it lasts so long. That’s exactly why it’s also a problem. Xavier Sarras walks us through the single-use-plastic market and its alternatives.



Addressing construction’s inefficiencies with AI​

Overdesign of concrete is a major issue in the construction industry. Jonathan uses AI to reduce overdesign, reduce the concrete needed in construction, and reduce the industry’s emissions



Hydrogen CAN be both overhyped and huge

Hydrogen is going to be big, but it is also overhyped. How can it be both? We dive into hydrogen and the complexities of the market with Shayle Kann, Partner at Energy Impact Partners.



Is green leather possible? Let's dive into it!

Alternative leathers can make a significant difference in tackling climate change. We take a deep dive with Sophie and learn about how the Collaborative Fund measures its impact.



Saving water with brains, drains, and membranes

Only about 5% of water used in industry is recycled, a major problem considering increasing water scarcity caused by climate change. Alex is working to fix that.



A collaborative approach to impact investing

AENU promotes transparency as integral to reaching our impact thresholds.



Lowering carbon and carbon removal risk

Paolo Piffaretti is de-risking permanent carbon removal credits to help companies achieve their net-zero goals.



Regenerating our planet to keep it vibrant

Wildfires are getting, well, wilder. Allison Wolff’s platform helps land managers monitor forests to make sure they remain resilient.



Solving EV adoption’s ample challenges

EV adoption faces a lot of barriers compared to the ease of filling your gas tank and driving away. John is making sure that electric can be as easy and as cheap as gas.



Reduce, Abate & Offset CO2 Emissions

Tristan works with retail companies to calculate their scope 3 emissions and walks us through the process.



Waving energy dependency goodbye for coastal communities

Marcus has developed a new technology that harnesses the power of waves, which is one of the most dependable and stable forms of renewable energy.


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