Episode 96

Meet the Founder series

Episode #96

Daniel Sobek

CEO at 1s1 Energy

Harnessing the Power of Green

Part 1:

In this new episode, let’s explore the innovative world of 1s1 Energy & their renewable hydrogen technology. Together, we’ll uncover how they’re revolutionizing the green hydrogen sector by creating next-generation materials that enhance the efficiency and durability of fuel cells and electrolysis stacks. Their mission? To dismantle the barriers of traditional hydrogen production and spearhead a global movement towards a sustainable, emission-free future.

Let’s meet Daniel Sobek, co-founder & CEO of 1s1 Energy, whose eclectic engineering background in aerospace, mechanical, and electrical disciplines fuels his passion for solving some of the world’s most complex and pressing problems. Let’s discover the story of a visionary who sees every problem as an opportunity for innovation and societal impact.

This episode focuses into the critical role of hydrogen in decarbonizing our economy, the innovative strides made by 1s1 Energy in electrolyzer technology, and the broader implications for global energy markets. We explore the complexities and potential of green hydrogen, its applications, production challenges, and the regulatory landscape. Join me as we discuss the genesis and growth of 1s1 Energy, the economic dynamics of their solutions compared to traditional methods, and how they stand out in the global market.


Daniel emphasizes the importance of aligning your product with market needs and securing validation straight from the source. Next, he advocates for the urgency of generating revenue swiftly, highlighting the balance between rapid growth and maintaining product integrity. He also shares insights into achieving work-life harmony, advocating for strategic work intensity and the importance of perspective, exercise, good nutrition, and adequate sleep.

Part 2:

My Secret Sauce

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