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Scale your climate tech startup

From investor matching to community resources, Startup Basecamp can help advance your climate tech journey.

We support your fundraising efforts


Connect with a community of international climate tech founders, investors, and experts.


Elevate your exposure to raise capital and/or discover new clients.


Discover a curated database of resources to help scale your business globally.


Onboard and hire top climate tech talent

With a little help, your startup could change the world.

We offer:

An international climate tech community

Together we can drive change. Join a global community of like-minded founders, investors, and industry experts working to fight climate change. Via curated connections, access to resources, and exposure to investors, you’ll find the community you need to launch and scale your startup.

Fundraising support & VC-matching

With our Fund 4 the Future matchmaking initiative, we connect climate tech founders with investors to help unlock capital and scale your climate tech innovations across the globe.

Community Feed

Your one-stop destination for personalized content and community interactions, available only to our valued members. Tailored to your interests, this interactive platform offers a seamless blend of the latest news, articles, and lively discussions. Engage with content that matters, connect with like-minded individuals, and stay informed with updates to enhance your experience.

Founders Groups

A dedicated space designed for pioneers in the climate technology sector. This feature connects startup founders with peers, mentors, and industry leaders to foster collaboration and innovation in the field of climate technology. Within Founders Groups, members can share challenges, exchange ideas, and find support while navigating the complexities of launching and scaling impactful solutions.

Climate Tech CEOs

Where you can discover and connect with top executives who are actively seeking financial backing for their groundbreaking initiatives. This page features a curated list of visionary CEOs from various industries who are in the midst of fundraising campaigns. Each profile offers detailed insights into their company missions, the innovative projects they are spearheading, and the investment opportunities available.

Your Founders Dashboard

Your personalized hub for all things entrepreneurial within our community. This exclusive area is designed to provide startup founders with a wealth of resources and tools to support their business journey. From the latest updates in our tailored News Feed to upcoming networking events and webinars, the dashboard keeps you informed and connected. Explore a curated selection of articles, case studies, and reports that are relevant to your interests and challenges.

Live "Getting Ready for VC" Events

We offer a wide range of events for startups of all stages, from idea to fundraising. Through our diverse community of startups, we have developed several founder-focused events and programs.

Exclusive content & databases

Boost your knowledge of the climate tech industry. Here you can explore our deep database of climate tech-specific accelerator programs, VC firms, and startups from across the globe. 

A job board to hire the perfect talent

We help you to spread the word about your job opportunities and find the best talent for your startup.

What our members say

Founders Membership plans


  • Community Profile
  • Weekly Newsletter
  • Tech events curation
  • Event discounts
  • Training discounts


"Get VC Ready"
29 Monthly
  • Changemaker membership plus...
  • Members Matching Weekly
  • Live community Events
  • Global community access on slack
  • GROW
  • Get VC Ready Live Events
  • Replay of Get VC Ready video content
  • Startup feature application access
  • Experts Network access
  • 1 on 1 coaching discount
  • Silicon Valley guide/Startup Toolkit
  • Investors Matching application access

Fundraising support

899 Monthly (Max 3 months)
  • Startups membership plus...
  • VC Matching Initiative program
  • Private VC Sessions
  • Feedback Pitch Sessions
  • Fundraising content Package
  • Tech4Climate Podcast exclusive Interview
  • Private Slack Chanels & Community Feature

*We only accept founders, CEOs, COOs, and People Ops executives at climate tech companies.
No payment will be asked of you until your application has been approved.

Get Fundings from our exclusive network for CEO Executives, Family Offices, and Angels

Climate Investors Alliance

Part of our network

What are the values we stand for?


If you are looking to collaborate with passion-driven people eager to solve meaningful problems, join our community of climate tech leaders today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Startup Basecamp’s Climate Tech Community is for founders, investors & experts or executives (i.e. C-level executives, and professionals, who can bring value through their strong experience to Founders) who are actively running and leading a Climate Tech companies at Pre-Seed, Seed Stage and Beyond ( A-> Publicly traded).

The community is not intended for founders before seed stage, non-active investors in climate tech, non-executive managers, and professionals who are not demonstrating willingness and expertise to bring to the founders. 

We are vetting every application to ensure high-quality connections and opportunities. To apply, we ask you to fill in a short questionnaire to understand your unique challenges and expectations. We’re reviewing applications on a weekly basis, so expect an answer from us within 5 working days.

Once accepted, we will send you a link to pay for your membership so that you can get access to our Slack workspace and other resources and we can begin the onboarding process.

We understand that your time is valuable, so it is absolutely up to you how much time you spend in the community.

However, we have consistently seen that you get out what you put in: Often, the biggest contributors are the biggest beneficiaries.

The feedback we consistently receive is how much our founders, investors & experts appreciate the true unity and collaboration within our community. The community is priced to be accessible for early stage Founders at 29 Eur. per month. 

In order to maintain the quality of connections, opportunities, and information, all applications are thoroughly vetted and only founders, investors & leaders of climate tech companies are eligible to join. 

Trials make more sense with things like SaaS products, where once you’re in you get a general understanding of what a full commitment will look like and the capabilities that are available to you.

We work to make sure that the community stays a relationship-centric, thought exchange; Relationships cannot be built in a short month-long trial period.

However, while we do not offer trials, you have the option to sign up for a free weekly community newsletter so that you can see what members are talking about to get a feeling of what it’s like to be a member.

We value the time of our community members as well as the content that is distributed. Part of the vetting process is to make sure that people who join will actively contribute to the community, can relate to the caliber of what is discussed, and are not there purely to sell their own projects or perceive it as a great leads list.

Financial commitment is asked to support the effort from our team that goes into curating this community, organizing monthly events,  personal introductions and more. 


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