Episode 97

Meet the Founder series

Episode #97

Edward Shenderovich

Co-founder & CEO @ Synonym Bio

Shaping the Future of Biomanufacturing

Part 1:

In this episode of the Tech 4 Climate Podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking with Edward Shenderovich, the Co-founder & CEO of Synonym Bio, a trailblazer startup reshaping how we approach biomanufacturing with their “fermentation farms,” creating ecosystems where synthetic biology can flourish.

Edward Shenderovich, has charted a fascinating path through the realms of mathematics and philosophy, eventually steering his way into entrepreneurship and synthetic biology. His unique journey is marked by a blend of rigorous analytical skills and a deep philosophical understanding of technology’s role in society.

In our conversation, Edward unpacks the story behind Synonym Bio’s groundbreaking digital tools, Capacitor and Scaler, and their transformative impact on the biomanufacturing industry. We’ll focus into the challenges of navigating complex biological processes, the strategic thinking driving the company’s growth, and how Synonym Bio aims to streamline the biotech production pipeline. Let’s look into the nexus of innovation, sustainability, and the vision to build a more resilient future!


Building a genuine relationship with investors is equally important as having a strategic financial approach. Investors prioritize sincerity over hard sell—they’re experienced in discerning authenticity. Regarding work-life balance, Edward emphasizes the importance of good sleep.

Part 2:

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