Episode 95

Meet the Investor series

Episode #95

Yair Reem

Partner @ Extantia

Venturing Green: The Rise of Green Ammonia

Part 1:

Join me to discover Extantia, a pioneering climate-first venture fund. They’re setting new standards by backing game-changers in the climate tech landscape, emphasizing real-world impact over mere green optics. Their mission? Fueling innovations that turn the tide against climate change, with a special focus on deep decarbonization solutions across Europe and the U.S.

Let’s get to know together Yair Reem, an electrical engineer with the soul of a storyteller and a knack for transformative technology. He transitioned from tech expert to climate investor, armed with insights from the early days of cleantech.

This episode zooms in on green ammonia’s transformative potential, dissecting its role in reducing agriculture’s carbon footprint.

Let’s unpack the science and strategy behind it, with Extantia spotlighting the intersection of green tech and venture capital. And discover the innovations shaping our agricultural future and learn how Extantia’s approach is nurturing the seeds of sustainable change. Tune in for a glimpse into the green ammonia revolution.


In the second part of the show, Yair stresses the fact that in fundraising, storytelling is paramount. A good product and presentation are vital, but forming genuine relationships and conveying a clear vision can make a real difference. Regarding work-life balance, for him, it’s about achieving harmony by engaging deeply in your passions. This balance isn’t just dividing time between work and personal life but integrating both in a way that complements one another.

Part 2:

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