Episode 91

Meet the Founder series

Episode #91

Ivan Ladan

Founder & CEO @ Marine Digital

Steering Towards a Greener Future

Part 1:

In this episode of our founders’ series, I sat down with Ivan Landan, founder & CEO of Marine Digital, a tech company that focuses on the decarbonization of the maritime industry by delivering advanced energy efficiency analytics and optimization tools for supply chain and vessel operations.


Ivan started his professional journey with a career in finance, achieving notable success but soon found himself yearning for a more innovative and less conservative culture.  His desire to bring meaningful change and passion for innovation and technology steered him toward the maritime industry with the founding of Marine Digital.


Join our conversation as we dive into key issues plaguing the maritime supply chain and shipping, including non-standardized practices, poor data quality & lack of transparency, inefficient fuel consumption, and significant greenhouse gas emissions. Let’s explore together how Marine Digital is working to address these complex matters via data acquisition, performance analysis, and process simplifications.


During this second part of the show, Ivan discusses startup fundraising, sharing essential strategies for nurturing investor relations and  mastering the art of pitching and achieving work-life balance.

Part 2:

My Secret Sauce

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