Episode 92

Meet the Founder series

Episode #92

Tiya Gordon

Co-founder and COO at Itselectric

Accelerating EV Adoption

Part 1:

During this new episode of our founders series, I sat down with Tiya Gordon, co-founder & COO at Itselectric, a climate tech startup at the forefront of a vehicular revolution, aiming to electrify our streets one curbside at a time. With a vision to proliferate the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) across the United States, Itselectric collaborates with property owners, offering them a chance to tap into a new stream of passive income while contributing to the environment. 


Tiya Gordon is a New Yorker with a passion for the vibrating life of cities and the potential of technology within them. From laying down the foundations of public technology in train stations and museums to influencing policy for urban infrastructures, Tiya has been recognized with prestigious awards, her drive now is harnessing design to combat the climate crisis.


In this episode, we’ll explore how charging solutions are currently deployed, the market dynamics, and regulatory impacts  (including the IRA’s weight). Tune in as Tiya shares the challenges and opportunities she perceives in the market, and the unique narrative of Itselectric’s inception. From the tangible aspects of hardware and user experience to the overarching questions of smart charging and grid impact, Tiya’s insights are set to charge up the conversation. 


Join us to understand how Itselectric is selecting deployment sites, the economics of joining the network, and their business model – all in pursuit of an electrified, sustainable future.


During the second part of the talk, Tiya shares advice on navigating investor relationships, emphasizing the futility of trying to change hearts and minds of the skeptical. Instead, she advocates for aligning with those already on board with your vision. Tiya also shares that by waking up early, she has uninterrupted time to focus which helps her achieve her goals and a work-life balance.

Part 2:

My Secret Sauce

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