Episode 82

Meet the Investor series

Episode #82

Alex Laplaza

Partner at Lowercarbon Capital

Adaptation is decarbonization

Part 1:

Today we are speaking with Alex Laplaza, Partner @ Lowercarbon Capital. Lowercarbon is a seed and early-stage fund investing in technologies and solutions to dramatically reduce and remove greenhouse gas emissions. They aim to be the first money in and remain investing in the company for its full lifecycling. Alex was born in Spain but grew up in New York, after studying International Relations he found himself spending a summer working in a school in rural Uganda and describes how he first experienced the magic of environmental solutions being implemented with the installation of a water well meaning increased school attendance of young girls. He went on to continue working on water security issues as a Fulbright scholar in Indonesia before studying Energy Policy at Stanford which eventually led him to work at Lowercarbon Capital. In today’s episode we discuss scaling adaptation solutions and the green vortex, a positive feedback loop between policy and technology. And how policies can make the cost of technologies cheaper, and vice versa. Alex also gives his take on what the most promising sectors are for building impactful companies at scale whilst being highly profitable.


In the second part of the show, Alex tells us how he switches off to find a healthy work-life balance. He also shares his go-to podcast and books and also tells us his tip for catching the attention of a climate tech investor!

Part 2:

My Secret Sauce

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