We have made a list of the voices on Twitter we love to hear from. These individuals are giving us the information and opinions that generate great Climate Tech conversations!


“Twitter and LinkedIn are growing spaces for founders, investors, scientists, and activists to get involved in the conversation around Climate Change and emerging Technology solutions”.

Are you looking to grow your Twitter and LinkedIn Feeds with important climate and tech information? Gain insight into the debates that are taking place between the journalists, scientists, founders and investors? Or stay up to date on the latest innovations that tackle the climate crisis? 

In our constant effort to bring value to the growing climate tech ecosystems, we have made a running list of the voices on Twitter and LinkedIn we learn a lot from.  These individuals are giving us the information, resources, and opinions that help us curate great Climate Tech conversations for the community! 

 The idea with this list is to regularly release a new profile for you to follow in order to mobilise,  share and engage in important discussions with industry experts and the clean tech enthusiasts.

In the spirit of collaboration, we would love to have you contribute to this running list by sharing profiles  with us that we can add.

Hampus Jakobsson

Twitter Handle: @hajak
Field: Investor
Followers: 8.6k
Bio: GP at @palebluedotvc Veg, stoic, explorer, investor. Ex-founder. Father of 3.(he/him). Blogs at http://hajak.se.

Lubomila Jordanova

LinkedIn Handle: @LubomilaJ
Field: Founder
Followers: 95k
Bio: Founder @planAearth business software for decarbonisation and ESG reporting, @greentechearth community of 2000+ Greentech startups

Rachel Delacour

Twitter Handle: @Rachel_Delacour
Field: Founder
Followers: 3.5k
Bio: Cofounder at Sweep.
Working on cleaning up our climate mess. For Forever Companies Cofounder, ex Bime Analytics acq by Zendesk, UBS Global Visionary 2023 Co-host and co-creator of @RealHotTake

Professor Mark Maslin

Twitter Handle: @ProfMarkMaslin
Field: Climate Scientist, Professor & Author
Followers: 25.3k
Bio: ClimateChange Professor @ucl, Director of @rezatec, author of Human Planet, Cradle Of Humanity and How To Save Our Planet, member of @ClimateCrisisAG, Dad (He/Him)

Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson

Twitter Handle: @ayanaeliza
Field: Marine Biologist and Author
Followers: 97.1k
Bio: Marine biologist, writer, policy nerd, Brooklyn native. Co-founder @UrbanOceanLab , think tank for the future of coastal cities. In love with climate solutions.

Arman Anatürk

LinkedIn Handle: @armananaturk
Field: Founder
Followers: 33k
Bio: Co-Founder @ HackCapital | Host @ HackSummit - Because everyone deserves to invest in the Climate Economy.

Emma Kisby

LinkedIn Handle: @emma-kisby
Field: Founder
Followers: 4.3k
Bio: CEO, Cogo EMEA, TEDx Speaker, Official Member of the Forbes Council, Data4Good

Svein Tore Holsether

Twitter Handle: @stholsether
Field: CEO
Followers: 4.4k
Bio: CEO of @yara Chair of IFA and NHO. Living in Norway, working globally. Our Mission is to responsibly feed the world and protect the planet.

Freya Pratty

Twitter Handle: @FPratty
Field: Journalist
Followers: 3.8k
Bio: Senior reporter at the Financial Times' @Siftedeu | Climate + Investigations

Razan Al Mubarak

LinkedIn Handle: @razanalmubarak
Field: UN Climate Change High-Level Champion for COP28
Followers: 5.3k
Bio: UN Climate Change High-Level Champion for COP28. IUCN President. Global leader and advocate for climate and nature.

Ann Mettler

Twitter Handle: @AnnMettler
Field: VP/Public Policy
Followers: 8.5k
Bio: Vice President, Europe at Breakthrough Energy. Previously, Director-General at European Commission. Views are my own, often rooted in 20+ years of experience in public policy.

Juliette Devillard

LinkedIn Handle: @juliette-devillard
Field: Founder
Followers: 4.7k
Bio: Founder & CEO @ Climate Connection | Public Speaking Coach I work on three things: 1) 🌱 Climate & innovation, 2) 🧠 Mental health awareness, 3) 🎙️Public speaking & communications.

Ramez Naam

Twitter Handle: @ramez
Field: Investor
Followers: 54.2k
Bio: Climate and clean energy investor. Author of 5 books. Energy & Environment co-chair @SingularityU. Trying to build a better world.

Adriana Freitas

Twitter Handle: @adrianafreitas
Field: Investor
Followers: 8.8k
Bio:Partner @mustervc & @deepgreenvc @17r4sdg
The best minds and capital for tech-driven companies Barcelona - London - San Francisco - Rio

Sam Cash

Twitter Handle: @Sam__Cash
Field: Investor
Followers: 3.4k
Bio: Investing at the intersection of software and physical industries, Weekly newsletter: http://realtechnews.substack.com


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