20 Women Driving The Future of Climate Tech

20 Women Driving The Future of Climate Tech

The role of women is fundamental to our success in combatting climate change. Not only are they 
disproportionately affected by it,  but they also could be more likely to help provide solutions and finances for it.

In a report from Project Drawdown, it was found that the education of women and young girls in particular, could be responsible for reducing the equivalent of 85.42 Gigatons of CO2 between 2020 and 2050. Furthermore, in a second Project Drawdown report, it was discovered that once these women have started earning, they tend to reinvest 90% of their money back into family and communities, compared to the 40% reinvested by men. 

These findings highlight the key role that women play in solving climate issues, as well as the positive feedback cycle they generate in further upliftment of their communities. We know that there are a number of women already inflicting this positive change and because of this, we have created a list of a few of the women driving the future of climate technology. These women are founders, investors, scientists, and incredible role models for those looking to support climate innovation.

The number of inspiring female founders & investors is growing by the day so our aim is to add to this list as it grows! If you know of any female-lead teams doing climate-positive work, we hope you share it with us in the comments below.  

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Dr Enass Abo-Hamed 

CEO & Co-Founder

Company: H2GO Power

Climate Action Area: Hydrogen production & storage, catalysis, renewable energy and energy storage

Company Mission: According to H2GO, Hydrogen is cost-competitive with diesel-powered microgrid systems and is a 3x lower cost than typical Li-ion batteries over the lifetime of the storage assets with>2x the storage capacity. H2GO Power is developing and delivering hydrogen energy storage technology for a zero-emission, safe, and reliable power supply.

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Lauren Salz

CEO & Co-Founder – Forbes 30 under 30

Company: Sealed

Climate Action Area: HVAC, Energy Saving

Company Mission: Sealed ensures homes are heated and cooled to optimal temperatures, without creating heavy energy requirements on the planet. They use the latest heat pump technology, powered by clean electricity to reduce your homes energy use by up to 3X.

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Michelle Egger & Leila Strickland

CEO, CSO & Co-Founders

Company: BIOMILQ Inc

Climate Action Area: Animals & Resources, Family & Womens Rights

Company Mission: BioMilq have developed a patent-pending technology that produces nutritionally equivalent breastmilk from cultured human mammary cells. This allows parents to achieve the recommended six months of exclusive breastfeeding while alleviating the climate impacts of bovine-based infant formula.

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Sandeep Ahuja

CEO & Co-Founder -Forbes 30 Under 30

Company: Cove.Tool

Climate Action Area: Clean Building, Energy Efficiency

Company Mission: Cove.tool is a B2B SaaS company that has developed a Building Design Platform for Intelligent Performance daylight, energy, glare, water, embodied carbon, and cost to help make buildings energy efficient.

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Kathryn Cartini

Co-Founder, Partner

Company: Chloe Capital

Investment Field: Climate Tech, Health Tech, AI, FoodTech
Company Mission: Chloe Capital is a seed-stage venture capital firm that invests in women-led innovation companies. According to Chloe Capital, only two percent of female founders receive venture capital funding, with only .2 percent going to African American founders. Their mission is to travel across the US and move capital into the female founders they find.

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Melissa Cheong

Managing Partner

Company: BlackHorn Ventures

Investment Field: Construction, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Agriculture, Water, Energy, Transportation

Company Mission: Blackhorn Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in companies using breakthroughs in engineering and science, coupled with the infrastructure of the Information Revolution, to redefine resource productivity.

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Dawn Lippert


Company: Elemental Excelerator

Investment Field: Climatech, Mobility, Foodtech, AGtech, Water, Circular Economy, Energy

Company Mission: Elemental Excelerator has launched a non-profit model for funding climate tech deployment. Their aim is to break down barriers to innovation alongside entrepreneurs that provide unique insight into the policy, market, and technology innovation needed to build systems to uplift people and communities around the world.

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Crystal Sacca

Co-Founder, Partner

Company: LowerCarbon Capital

Field: Carbon Capture & Storage, Foodtech, AgTech, Energy, Clean Tech

Company Mission: For too long, the world has ignored the scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs who are pursuing solutions to lower emissions, remove carbon, actively cool the planet, and save human, animal, and plant life as we know it. LowerCarbon Capital funds research and invests in technologies to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere.

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Ines Bergmann-Nolting

Managing Partner

Company: Future Energy Ventures

Field: Energy, Smart cities

Company Mission: Future Energy Ventures brings together corporate partners and world-class start-ups to shape the future energy landscape. They invest in digital and digitally-enabled technologies and business models that have the potential to redefine the future energy landscape.


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