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We have made a list of the voices on Twitter we love to hear from. These individuals are giving us the information and opinions that generate great Climate Tech conversations!


“Twitter is a growing space for founders, investors, scientists, and activists to get involved in the conversation around climate change and emerging technology solutions”.

Are you looking to grow your Twitter Feed with important climate and tech information? Gain insight into the debates that are taking place between the journalists, scientists, founders and investors? Or stay up to date on the latest innovations that tackle the climate crisis? 

In our constant effort to bring value to the growing climate tech ecosystems, we have made a running list of the voices on Twitter we learn a lot from.  These individuals are giving us the information, resources, and opinions that help us curate great climate tech conversations for the community! 

 The idea with this list is to regularly release a new profile for you to follow in order to mobilize,  share and engage in important discussions with industry experts and the clean tech enthusiasts.

In the spirit of collaboration, we would love to have you contribute to this running list by sharing profiles  with us that we can add.

Julio Friedman

Julio Friedmann

Twitter Handle: @CarbonWrangler

Field: Scientist, Founder

Followers: 6.2k

Bio: Carbon wrangling 1) keep CO2 from the atmosphere; 2) Close the carbon cycle; 3) pull CO2 from the air & oceans. At Center on Global Energy Policy, Columbia Univ

lisa song

Lisa Song

Twitter Handle: @lisalsong

Field: Journalist

Followers: 9.6k

Bio: Environment/climate reporter @ProPublica . Formerly @InsideClimate . Fan of geology, cats. [email protected]

Dr Thomas Hillig

Twitter Handle: @THEnergyNet

Field: Founder

Followers: 50.9k

Bio: Founder THEnergy—#Renewables #EnergyTransition—#Microgrids #eMobility #ElectricVehicles #EnergyStorage—#GreenHydrogen #Hydrogen #H2 #DiscoverHydrogen #tech

Rosanna Xia

Twitter Handle: @RosannaXia

Field: Journalist

Followers: 10.7k

Bio: Environment reporter @latimes covering our coast and ocean

Noah Kaufman

Twitter Handle: @noahqk

Field: Politics/Gov Rep.

Followers: 8.7k

Bio: senior economist at the White House Council of Economic Advisers. On leave from Columbia University SIPA Center on Global Energy Policy.

Gelareh Darabi

Twitter Handle: @GelarehDarabi

Field: Journalist

Followers: 3.3k

Bio: Science, Environment & Climate correspondent | documentary filmmaker @VICENews @NatGeoChannel • Global ambassador for @healthyseas_org

Tim Latimer

Twitter Handle: @TimMLatimer

Field: Founder

Followers: 5.7k

Bio: all about the clean energy transition. developing next gen geothermal VolcanoHigh voltage sign as CEO at @FervoEnergy . Fellow: @activatefellows , @Energy_Leaders . Texan.

Dr. Vandana Shiva

Twitter Handle: @drvandanashiva

Field: Scholar, Activist

Followers: 90k

Bio: N/A

Benjamin Tincq

Twitter Handle: @btincq

Field: Founder, Scientist

Followers: 7.4k

Bio: Building a #ClimateTech engine in Europe 🌍 🚀 Also @GoodTechLab , engineer, feminist, science nerd, long on deeptech 🔬 Born at 345ppm

Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson

Twitter Handle: @ayanaeliza

Field: Scientist, Activist

Followers: 76.6k

Bio: Marine biologist, policy nerd, Brooklyn native. Co-founder @UrbanOceanLab . Co-creator/co-host @how2saveaplanet . Co-editor @AllWeCanSave — link to order!

Clay Dumas

Twitter Handle: @claydumas

Field: Investor

Followers: 5.3k

Bio: Day jobs @lowercase and @lowercarbon . Moonlight as a chocolate croissant and mapo tofu critic. In a parallel universe I worked in the @obamawhitehouse

Kara Hurst

Twitter Handle: @KaraHurst

Field: Sustainability and Business

Followers: 6.2k

Bio: Leading sustainability, focused on people & planet @Amazon & @climatepledge . Board Chair, @StolenYouthWA . (Tweets, opinions are my own)

Shayle Kann

Twitter Handle: @shaylekann

Field: Investor

Followers: 15.3k

Bio: Partner at Energy Impact Partners, investing at the frontier of climate tech. Host @InterchangeShow . Used to run GTM Research (acq by @verisk ).

Celine Herweijer

Twitter Handle: @CHerweijer

Field: Economics

Followers: 1.5k

Bio: Partner, PwC UK. @PwC #innovation #climate. WEF YGL & Global Future Council. LSE Fellow. Co-Chair We Mean Business. Mom. Yoga. Oceans. My views only.

Jigar Shah

Twitter Handle: @JigarShahDC

Field: Politics/Gov Rep

Followers: 28.2k

Bio: husband, dad, @Energy Director LPO Office - focused on creating good jobs, scaling sustainable infrastructure, decarbonization. It's simple, not easy


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