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In 2022, total funding for climate tech soared to a total of $70 billion, an increase of 89% from 2021. This eye-watering sum was completed over more than 3300 funding rounds by investors around the world. With such sums, it’s always helpful to get a bird’s eye view to see where the action is happening. That is why we have created a map of the 200+ climate tech VCs that are in our database.

In the climate tech VC map below we’ve tracked some of the most active VCs investing in climate technologies, including general VCs with a climate focus, those operating within one vertical, or climate-specific investors. Keep in mind that this map only shows some funds’  head offices in Europe & North America, despite many having offices across the globe and investing internationally. 

So where are these investors primarily based? Most funds are headquartered in the US and Europe, primarily in San Francisco and London. This matches the data from HolonIQ, which states that the biggest investor countries are the US, Europe, and China. Sadly, we have as of yet no Chinese VCs on our map. 

This list is obviously not exclusive, and we are constantly looking for new funds to add to our map. So if you know of one that is not included, please submit it here.

At Startup Basecamp, we are working with a number of funds to fast-track capital deployment toward climate tech startups. If you are a founder interested in increasing your visibility and networking, or an investor interested in a curated deal flow, find out more here.

We hope to add to this list as more funds appear and encourage you to add any funds/firms investing in climate tech to our running list

Why do we need VCs funding climate tech?

Research has found that “climate finance needs to rise sharply to $5 trillion a year globally by 2030 to fund measures to fight climate change”. In other words, we have no time to waste when it comes to funding net-zero efforts. Hopefully, this map of climate tech VCs can do a little bit to help founders network and get funded. 

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