Climate Tech VC Map

Climate Tech VC Map

In the map below we ‘ve tracked some of the most active VC’s investing in climate technologies, including general, vertical and climate-specific. Keep in mind that while this map only shows the head offices of the funds around the EU & North America, many have offices across the globe and invest internationally. 

This map is continuously being improved and updated so if you’ve already seen the first version, we encourage you to take a look at the 15 new firms added.

We hope to add to this list as more funds appear and encourage you to add any funds/firms investing in climate tech to our running list

Why do we need VC's funding climate tech?

Research has found that “climate finance needs to rise sharply to $5 trillion a year globally by 2030 to fund measures to fight climate change”. In other words, we have no time to waste when it comes to funding  net-zero efforts.

We need to create better & faster opportunities
to decarbonize the economy!

or $40 trillion in investments
is required to limit temperature rise to 1.5 C.


Want learn more about this map and the VC's featured? 

We’ve written a full post about the climate investment landscape, the types of VC’s funding it at the moment, and more. To see the full list and access the database of VC’s featured, see below.

Want to get involved?

We accelerate capital deployment towards Climate Startups.

This resource from Startup Basecamp aims to support founders & investors by giving them access to networking opportunities that help them scale and finance their climate tech.

More than that, we are proud to announce the upcoming launch of our Investor/Founder Matching Platform, a service designed for members looking to access the individuals in their country, climate niche, and ideal stage. If you are interested in early bird sign ups to this platform, we hope you get in touch with any comments or questions. 

Request your invite to our PRIVATE BETA:

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