Startup Basecamp Event Etiquette

General Event Etiquette

🎤 Please keep your microphones off unless asking a question. 

✋ To ask a question, please raise your hand using the Zoom feature

🤝 If you would like to connect with others, please drop a short intro (name and startup) in the chat along with your LinkedIn profile

📹 Please keep your cameras on; this is a networking event, so we would like to meet you!

We look forward to meeting you at our event 😃

"Ask Me Anything" Events

⏰ Please limit your question to 30 seconds. The Q&A is NOT an opportunity for self-promotion; instead please ask more general questions that would be relevant to multiple startups, not just your own

Quick Pitch Events

⏰ Please keep your pitches to 3 minutes as a courtesy to other founders. There will be a timer on Zoom to help you keep to the time. 

✋ Please make sure your questions are relevant to the startup that just pitched. This is not an opportunity for self-promotion, but rather a collaborative space for founders. 

Founders Forum

🗓️ This event series is aimed at building a collaborative space for founders, something that can’t be done with a different group of people every time. We understand that life gets in the way, but more than one absence and you are out of the group. 

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