Do you feel uneasy when you’re not travelling? Ever had the urge to drop everything and just embark on a journey? Do you always have your passport at hand and keep your bookmarks filled with travel destinations? If the answer to any or all these questions is “Yes”, you could be a mutant.

As scientists keep unraveling the secret in our DNA, we learn more about our species than ever. One recent discovery proposes that curiosity and the love of travel are both genetic mutations. Scientists have discovered a gene they very accurately named the Wanderlust Gene.

Wanderlust is defined as a strong desire to travel. It is the feeling of uneasiness we get when we’re not discovering something new.

Conquering the planet and beyond

This fragment of our DNA is responsible for our drive to explore, to be restless and curious. It was this gene that led our ancestors out of Africa thousands of years ago, and even got us to the moon a couple decades ago.This modification occurs in the DRD-4 gene, responsible for dopamine in the brain and it apparently makes humans who possess this modification more open to risk, motivated to change and eager to move.

Digital Nomads

Scientists believe that this mutation occurs in only 20% of the population, but could be higher based on how far humanity has travelled in it’s history.

Now we have inherited this gene, and it is time to put it to full use. The new trend of Digital Nomads is opening the world like never before. We can now travel the whole earth, work from anywhere or communicate with anyone. There are no longer excuses not to go out and free your Wanderlust Gene.

Discover more about the Wanderlust Gene here.

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Guillaume de Dorlodot,
Startup Basecamp Co-Founder.

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