Startup Basecamp 2023: A Year in Review

The year 2023 was a remarkable period of growth and innovation, marked by significant achievements across our diverse initiatives. In this blog, we’ll highlight the accomplishments of the past year and unveil our ambitious plans for 2024.

Our journey in 2023 was centered around four key axes, that we will review in the next paragraphs.

  1. Fund 4 the Future (F4TF) Initiative
  2. Success Stories
  3. Get VC Ready Program
  4. Podcast Series


As we reflect through these axes, we will also share a glimpse into our future, detailing the plans and aspirations we hold for 2024. Join us as we recount the milestones reached and the lessons learned, all of which are paving the way for an even more impactful year ahead.

1. F4TF: Founders & VC Matching


In 2023, Startup Basecamp achieved remarkable milestones in fostering climate tech innovation. Our ecosystem expanded with the addition of 12 batches of innovative startups, totaling one batch per month. This consistent engagement underscores our unwavering commitment to nurturing the climate tech sector.

By the Numbers: A Snapshot of Success

  • 46 Selected Companies: From a pool of numerous applicants, 46 climate tech startups were meticulously chosen to join our program.
  • 50% Funding Success: Demonstrating the caliber and potential of the businesses we support, half of these companies successfully closed their funding rounds.


  • 150 VC Partnerships: Our network strengthened significantly with collaborations across 150 Venture Capital funds, boasting a combined $20 billion in assets under management.


  • 180+ Introductions: Over 180 introductions were facilitated between VCs and founders, fostering fruitful discussions and potential collaborations.
  • 25 ‘Get VC Ready’ Pitch Sessions: Through our dedicated Zoom sessions, founders were equipped with essential knowledge and skills to excel in their fundraising endeavors.

2. 2023 F4TF Founder Success Stories


2023 was a year of extraordinary achievement for the startups in our Fund 4 the Future (F4TF) program. These companies not only exemplify the innovative spirit of our community but also demonstrate the tangible impact of climate tech across various sectors.

A Year of Significant Funding and Diverse Innovation

Impressive Funding Raised: A total of 15 startups in our program raised over $77 million in funding. This substantial figure highlights the growing investor confidence in climate tech and the potential these startups hold for a sustainable future.

Highlighting Sector-specific Innovations

Software Development: Gentian, Correntics, and Renoster are at the forefront, developing cutting-edge software solutions that address key environmental challenges.

Energy: Innovations in the energy sector were led by Metafuels, Renewell Energy, Voltpost, itselectric, and Naco Technologies. These startups are revolutionizing how we generate, store, and utilize energy, contributing significantly to reducing our carbon footprint.

Biotech: BioFluff, Arda Biomaterials, and Mycocycle, Inc. are making strides in sustainable materials and processes, showcasing the power of biotech in environmental conservation.

Construtech: Ekolution, Structure Pal, and Carbon Upcycling Technologies represent our foray into sustainable construction, a critical area in reducing global emissions and promoting eco-friendly building practices.

Mining: Muon Vision Inc. stands out in the mining sector, offering innovative solutions to make mining more efficient and environmentally friendly.


3. Get VC Ready Programs


A Year of Empowering Knowledge Sessions

25 Live Sessions: We hosted 25 engaging discussions and Q&A sessions with leading venture capitalists (VCs) and founders. These sessions provided deep insights into the ever-evolving Climate Tech landscape, offering a unique opportunity for our members to learn from industry frontrunners.

32+ Hours of Pro Tips: Our community had access to over 32 hours of content, packed with invaluable fundraising strategies, industry insights, and practical advice. 

3 Quick Pitch Competitions: These competitions served as a dynamic platform for startups to sharpen their pitching skills. Participants had the chance to present their ideas and gain visibility in front of a seasoned panel of investors and industry experts, receiving constructive feedback and exposure.


4. Tech 4 Climate Podcast 

Over the course of 26 episodes, we brought to the forefront a diverse array of voices, each sharing their unique insights and experiences. From hard-hitting conversations to enlightening narratives, each installment contributed to over 1595 minutes of storytelling, designed to inform, inspire, and invoke change.

Our audience’s response has been overwhelmingly positive, with 11,000 downloads and a listener base of 13,000, it’s clear that the stories of climate tech resonate deeply. Our guests, including 12 venture capitalists and 14 founders, offered a wealth of knowledge, sharing not only the triumphs but also the challenges they faced in pushing the envelope of what’s possible in the fight against climate change.

Gearing up into 2024, the ‘Tech 4 Climate Podcast’ continues to be a platform for connection—a place where the voices of change can amplify their impact and where new stories of progress can be told. We encourage everyone with a story to share, to join us as we continue to explore the vast, untapped potential of climate tech!


Looking Ahead: Startup Basecamp’s Year of Innovation and Plans for 2024

Our vision for 2024 is clear and ambitious: to drive Climate Tech startups towards a future where innovation and sustainability are not just ideals, but realities.

2024 is all about action and tangible impact. We are stepping into the arena, not as spectators, but as active participants, directly investing in startups that are pioneering climate innovation. It’s our belief that supporting these changemakers is crucial to advancing the climate agenda and fostering a sustainable environment.

In 2024, we will see the Climate Investors Alliance soar to new heights. This initiative is set to launch a powerful consortium of Family Offices and Business Angels, targeting over 12 collaborative investments. This marks the beginning of a broader, more impactful journey—stay tuned for what’s to come. By enhancing our support structure, we aim to empower the bright minds leading the charge in Climate Tech.

The path forward is one of collaboration and shared vision. We invite you to join us in this endeavor:

  • SHARE: Connect promising companies with our network of experienced Family Offices and Business Angels, opening pathways to new collaborations and opportunities.

  • INVITE: Encourage Super Angels and Family Offices to become part of our Climate Investors Alliance. The collective power of visionary investors can significantly amplify the impact of our initiatives.

As 2024 dawns, we’re ready for a year marked by growth, innovation, and transformation. Watch for our updates and be a part of the lasting change we aim to create in the Climate Tech landscape. Let’s join forces to forge a greener, more sustainable future!



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