Startups to Watch This Month: February Series Recap 2024

Every week, we feature 5 incredible climate tech startups, companies, or projects that are leading the fight against the climate crisis. Now at the end of this month of February 2024, we provide a recap of the startups to watch in climate tech. 

These startups have covered a range of fast-growing industries such as AI, GHG Capture and monitoring, Energy production and storage, Fintech, Foodtech, Agtech, and much, much more.

The list below is a recap of all the startups we have featured over October with some insight into the innovative work they and their teams are doing. 

We hope you find this resource useful and that you can refer back to it anytime you are looking for companies to support, invest in, work for, or collaborate with.

These startups are all added to our running list, which we have categorized based off of fuel emission sector from the most detailed, recent data SBC could identify from the World Resource Institute 2016. 

Energy Use in Industry and BuildingS

EcolectroWeek 1

 Ecolectro is a polymer company making the materials that make clean fuels and chemicals.

ZerothWeek 2

Bridging the gap between high-tech and low-tech, Zeroth enhances the efficiency of traditional heat pumps using natural elements like air, water, and sunlight, coupled with advanced software, without relying on rare or toxic materials. Designed for seamless integration into both new and existing buildings, Zeroth’s systems can be implemented as drop-in or facade-integrated modules, offering an eco-friendly, cost-effective alternative to conventional heat pumps.

IPG EnergyWeek 3

IPG Energy is on a mission to revolutionize power generation in hard-to-abate sectors with their innovative, fuel-agnostic renewable generator.  Their patented Flameless Combustion technology ensures that businesses no longer have to choose between energy security and environmental sustainability. IPG Energy’s generators can run on various fuels, offering a clean, reliable, and on-demand power source. 

BlykallaWeek 3

Blykalla is revolutionizing the global energy landscape with its pioneering small modular lead-cooled reactors (SMRs), embodying a vision for a green, safe, and sustainable energy future.

Blip EnergyWeek 4

Blip Energy is revolutionizing the way modern households and grid operators interact with energy through their innovative grid-edge smart home battery. This technology not only enables households to capitalize on fluctuating energy prices for cost savings and increased resilience but also empowers grid operators with a network of distributed capacity to enhance grid stability and reduce operational costs.  

CalWave EnergyWeek 4

Ocean waves are 20-60 times more energy-dense, predictable, and consistent compared to other forms of renewable energy. They are available at night and during winters. CalWave’s patented technology converts this energy to electricity, equipping coastal communities with clean, reliable and local energy while keeping our planet and the health of future generations in mind. 

Waste (Water & Landfills)

TozeroWeek 2

Tozero GmbH is pioneering the future of lithium-ion battery recycling in Europe with a groundbreaking sustainable process designed to recover all critical materials from used batteries. Positioned as Europe’s first startup dedicated to lithium-ion battery recycling, Tozero is challenging existing recycling technologies and propelling the decarbonization movement forward.   


RAIKU’S innovative packaging solution avoids waste and serves as a nutrient for soil after its use, closing the loop on sustainability. Crafted from 100% natural materials, RAIKU’s products can expand up to 20 times their raw material volume, all while maintaining an impressively low energy consumption during production.

SeloxiumWeek 2

Seloxium, a trailblazing University of Oxford spin-out, is set to transform the metal recovery industry with its revolutionary approach to purifying metals and water from industrial waste. Specializing in the mining, refining, and recycling sectors, Seloxium’s technology is a game-changer for selectively extracting valuable metals from wastewater and mine tailings. 

Magmatic Week 2

Magmatic is dedicated to developing a novel integrated metal separation process capable of recovering a comprehensive range of metals. By harnessing a broad spectrum of metal-binding proteins—robust, highly selective, and tolerant to diverse operating conditions—Magmatic aims to revolutionize metal recovery. 

Energy use in Transport

Dimensional EnergyWeek 1

They transform carbon dioxide into sustainable aviation fuel and products.

Cosmic AerospaceWeek 1

Cosmic Aerospace is building all-electric passenger aircraft with longer flight ranges.

GHG Capture, Use and Storage

HomeostasisWeek 3

Homeostasis is at the cutting edge of climate technology, transforming the climate crisis’s very cause—carbon dioxide—into a critical part of the solution. Through their innovative, patent-pending technology, they are converting atmospheric CO2 into valuable carbon materials, such as graphite, essential for clean energy storage technologies. 

AerleumWeek 3

Creating a better world for future generations by building a circular economy. They strive to remove giga-tons of carbon dioxide from the air and transform it into clean alternatives for fossil-based products.

Cross-cutting enablers

SynovanceWeek 1

Synovance develops next-generation, bio-produced pigments that are pure, sustainable, and free of harmful chemicals. These pigments, identical to their synthetic counterparts but GMO-free, provide a seamless “plug and play” solution for the textile industry, requiring no alterations to existing dyeing processes.

AmmobiaWeek 1

Ammobia is a climate tech start-up fueling our decarbonized world with cost-effective clean ammonia production.

MITO MaterialsWeek 3 

MITO Material Solutions is revolutionizing the materials industry with its innovative hybrid additive technology. As a next-generation company, MITO tackles industry-wide challenges by providing micro-sized solutions that enhance the performance of materials, making them stronger, more durable, flexible, and sustainable.

Planet Fwd – Week 4

By combining advanced software with the expertise of climate scientists, Planet FWD empowers businesses to measure, understand, and significantly reduce their carbon footprint. Utilizing the most comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment data and Scope 3 emissions modeling in the food and beverage sector, the platform enables companies to make informed decisions that lead directly to Net Zero. 

Encode EnergyWeek 4

Supporting decision makers responsible for deploying electric vehicles with accurate, real-time intelligence driven by machine learning.

OctarineWeek 4

Octarine Bio is revolutionizing the synthetic biology landscape with its pioneering platform, committed to crafting bio-based, sustainable solutions for global challenges. Specializing in cell-factory engineering and precision fermentation, Octarine excels in producing an extensive range of bio-based ingredients, from textile dyes and skincare components to health supplements. 

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