The Climate Tech Startups to Watch: April Week 1

April Week 1, 2024: In this weekly series, we highlight 5 climate tech startups to watch by featuring the incredible startups, companies, or projects that are leading the fight against the climate crisis. 

Each month, we add these startups to our running list, which we have categorized based on fuel emission sector data from the most detailed, recent data SBC could identify from the World Resource Institute in 2016.

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Cross-cutting enablers

1. Foodsteps

Capture d’écran 2024-04-03 à 10.21.13 PM

Founded: 2019 – London, UK

Founder: Anya Doherty

Elevator Pitch: Powering every food business with the data and software to grow sustainably.

Problem they solve: The food industry faces the significant challenge of reducing its environmental impact while meeting the demands of an ever-growing population. Many businesses struggle to identify and implement strategies that can lower their carbon footprint due to a lack of accessible and understandable data. Foodsteps addresses this gap by offering a user-friendly platform that demystifies the process of conducting Life Cycle Assessments and provides clear, actionable insights. This enables food businesses to make substantial, measurable improvements in their sustainability practices and better communicate these efforts to consumers.

Impact: By facilitating the measurement and understanding of food products’ life cycles, Foodsteps helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and guides businesses towards more eco-friendly decisions. Furthermore, their carbon rating labels empower consumers to choose lower-impact options, promoting a shift towards a more sustainable food system. Through technology and data, Foodsteps is creating a ripple effect of positive environmental change across the entire food industry.

Stage: Pre-Seed.

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Waste (water & landfills)

2. Novoloop

Capture d’écran 2024-04-03 à 10.56.17 PM

Founded: 2015 – Menlo Park, CA, USA

Founders: Miranda Wang & Jeanny Yao

Elevator Pitch: Novoloop envisions a truly circular world without waste, where materials are the building blocks for new things. So instead of ending up in a landfill, hard-to-recycle plastics are remade into something better: an infinite loop of possibility. They call it Lifecycling™, and it’s their platform that uses almost any plastic waste to make performance materials that are molecularly identical to conventional products.

Problem they solve: The accumulation of non-recyclable plastic waste poses a severe environmental threat, contributing to pollution and the depletion of natural resources. Traditional recycling methods often fall short, unable to process the majority of plastic waste effectively. Novoloop addresses this challenge by converting even the most difficult-to-recycle plastics into valuable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), thereby tackling the issue of plastic waste at its source and offering a sustainable alternative to conventional material production.

Impact: By converting waste into circular performance materials, Novoloop not only prevents plastics from reaching landfills and oceans but also reduces the reliance on fossil fuel-based resources for new materials.

Stage: Series A.

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Energy use in Transport

3. Torev Motors

Capture d’écran 2024-04-03 à 11.12.05 PM

Founded: 2022 – Arlington, VA, USA

Founder: Rory Brogan

Elevator Pitch: Torev develops axial flux electric motors for the automotive and aerospace industries. They specialize in applications that require low weight and high power output while minimizing rare earth metal consumption.

Problem they solve:  Traditional motors often rely heavily on rare earth metals, leading to economic and environmental concerns. Torev addresses these challenges by developing high-efficiency, low-weight motors that reduce rare earth metal use, decrease manufacturing complexity, and enhance supply chain stability, all while delivering unparalleled performance.

Impact: By reducing dependence on rare earth metals, Torev lessens the environmental burden of mining and processing these materials, known for their carbon-intensive extraction methods. Additionally, Torev’s motors contribute to increased EV range and efficiency, leading to lower greenhouse gas emissions through reduced EV charging energy needs. 

Stage: Pre-Seed.

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Energy use in Industry and Buildings

4. Rebound Technologies


Founded: 2012 – Denver, CO, USA

Founder: Russel Goldfarbmuren

Elevator Pitch: Rebound Technologies has transformed cold chain logistics and frozen food processing with its innovative IcePoint® system. This technology introduces a groundbreaking freeze point suppression cycle that integrates agile freezing, advanced humidity control, and demand response capabilities. 

Problem they solve: The cold chain industry grapples with the challenges of energy-intensive operations, fluctuating cooling demands, and the need for precise humidity control—all while striving for sustainability and cost-efficiency. Traditional systems often fall short in flexibility and energy management, leading to high operational costs and environmental impacts. Rebound’s IcePoint® addresses these issues head-on by offering a versatile cooling solution that optimizes moisture levels and responds dynamically to cooling demands, significantly enhancing energy efficiency and operational sustainability.

Impact: Rebound Technologies’ IcePoint® significantly contributes to environmental sustainability by enabling more efficient and flexible energy use in cold chain operations, which traditionally are high consumers of energy. Its innovative thermal storage capability aids in balancing the grid and reducing reliance on fossil fuels by allowing for the storage and use of energy during off-peak hours, thereby supporting wider efforts towards grid decarbonization. Additionally, by optimizing cooling processes and reducing energy consumption, IcePoint® lowers greenhouse gas emissions, marking a significant step forward in the sustainable evolution of the cold chain logistics and frozen food processing industries.

Stage: Series A.

Interested in Rebound Technologies?
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Cross-cutting enablers


Capture d’écran 2024-04-03 à 11.41.47 PM

Founded: 2021 – San Francisco, CA, USA

Founders: Micah Nelp, Anthony Young & Denise K.

Elevator Pitch: Creating the first high-performance sunscreen made from molecules our body already produces to protect our eyes against damaging UV light. Sóliome’s filters are biocompatible, sustainable, photo-stable, and, most importantly, safe for all of life. 

Problem they solve: Traditional sunscreens often contain chemicals that can harm marine ecosystems and may not be safe for all skin types, contributing to user reluctance and environmental degradation. Furthermore, the unpleasant feel of many sunscreens discourages consistent use, reducing their effectiveness in protecting against UV damage. SÓLIOME addresses these issues by introducing a sunscreen formula derived from naturally occurring body molecules, ensuring both biocompatibility and eco-friendliness. This approach not only minimizes the environmental impact but also enhances user experience, encouraging regular application.

Impact: By utilizing biocompatible filters, SÓLIOME reduces the risk of harming marine life and ecosystems, addressing the urgent need for environmentally sustainable sun protection options. The photostable and safe nature of SÓLIOME’s ingredients ensures that users can enjoy the sun without contributing to the pollution of oceans and waterways, making it a pioneering force in the transition towards greener, more responsible sun care practices.

Stage: Pre-Seed.

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