The Climate Tech Startups to Watch: March Week 1

March Week 1, 2024: In this weekly series, we highlight 5 climate tech startups to watch by featuring the incredible startups, companies, or projects that are leading the fight against the climate crisis. 

Each month, we add these startups to our running list, which we have categorized based on fuel emission sector data from the most detailed, recent data SBC could identify from the World Resource Institute in 2016.

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GHG Capture, Use, and Storage

1. Octavia Carbon


Founded: 2022 – Nairobi, KE

Founder: Martin Freimüller

Elevator Pitch: Using Direct Air Carbon Capture to stop climate change and reinvent humanity’s relationship with carbon. In Africa.

Problem they solve: The global community faces the urgent challenge of reducing atmospheric CO2 levels to combat climate change, but existing solutions often lack scalability, affordability, or geographical feasibility. Octavia Carbon addresses these issues by implementing DACC technology in Kenya, identified as an optimal location due to its specific environmental and geological advantages. Their initiative confronts the critical need for scalable, cost-effective carbon removal strategies, making a substantial contribution to global decarbonization efforts while promoting economic development and technological innovation within East Africa.

Impact: By efficiently capturing atmospheric CO2, they actively contribute to reducing the greenhouse gas concentrations driving global warming. Their focus on making Kenya a hub for affordable carbon removal highlights the potential for developing countries to lead in green technology deployment while benefiting from job creation and technological growth. 

Stage: Seed.

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Cross-cutting enablers

2. Comundo


Founded: 2022 – Copenhage, DK

Leadership: Steen Bøttzau Haunstrup, Lene Feltmann Espersen & Christian Damsgaard Tost

Elevator Pitch: Comundo is revolutionizing carbon accounting and energy management with its plug ‘n’ play solution, offering real-time, accurate emission and energy consumption data for properties and tenants. As the only platform of its kind to provide building emission data based on actual consumption rather than estimates, Comundo empowers businesses to calculate, report, and optimize their CO2 emissions and energy usage with unparalleled precision.

Problem they solve: Businesses face increasing pressure to accurately report and reduce their carbon footprint and energy consumption. Traditional methods, often based on estimated data, result in imprecise calculations that can undermine sustainability efforts and corporate accountability. Comundo tackles this challenge head-on by delivering real-time, accurate data directly from properties and manufacturing sites. This enables companies to move beyond guesswork and base their energy management, net-zero strategies, and regulatory compliance on solid, factual information, leading to more effective and verifiable sustainability efforts.

Impact: By providing accurate data, Comundo helps companies identify and implement effective carbon reduction strategies, leading to a tangible decrease in their environmental footprint. This not only aids in the global fight against climate change but also sets a new standard in corporate environmental responsibility. With Comundo, businesses can ensure their energy and emission reduction efforts are based on reliable data, fostering transparency, efficiency, and accountability in environmental stewardship.

Stage: Seed.

Interested in Comundo?
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Energy use in Transport

3. AeroFuse


Founded: 2023 – San Francisco, CA, USA

Founders: Rama Myers & Ryan Weed

Elevator Pitch: AeroFuse is redefining the future of flight with its commitment to cleaner, safer, and smarter aviation solutions.  Dedicated to drastically reducing aviation emissions.

Problem they solve: The aviation industry is a significant contributor to global carbon emissions, facing increasing pressure to find sustainable alternatives and reduce its environmental impact. Traditional aerospace manufacturing methods and materials often prioritize performance over sustainability, leading to a challenging balance between innovation and environmental responsibility. 

Impact: Their commitment to innovation and sustainability has the potential to catalyze change throughout the industry, encouraging other companies to prioritize eco-friendly solutions

Stage: Pre-Seed.

Want to learn more about AeroFuse?
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Industry (chemical and cement)

4. Nanomox


Founded: 2020 – London, UK

Founders: Jason Hallett & Francisco Malaret

Elevator Pitch: They develop sustainable and cost-effective advanced materials and thin films, such as metal oxide particles, with sizes ranging from nano to macro, for widespread applications of today and tomorrow.

Problem they solve: The production of advanced materials often involves processes that are energy-intensive, environmentally damaging, and costly. This creates a significant barrier to the development and adoption of new technologies that could improve product performance and sustainability. Nanomox addresses these challenges by providing advanced materials that are not only more efficient but also produced in an eco-friendly and cost-effective manner. 

Impact: By developing processes that minimize energy consumption and pollution, they contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future. Their advanced materials can improve the efficiency and lifespan of products, reducing waste and resource consumption. Furthermore, by making these materials competitively priced, Nanomox facilitates a broader transition to sustainable practices across various industries. 

Stage: Seed.

Interested in Nanomox?
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Energy use in Industry and Buildings

5. Orus Energy


Founded: 2023 – Paris, FR

Founders: Fanny Sauvée, Alexandre Girard & Théophile Karila

Elevator Pitch: Orus Energy is catalyzing the energy transition by harnessing the power of AI to unlock the latent electrical flexibility within commercial buildings. Recognizing that the adaptability of the electricity grid is crucial for transitioning to a decarbonized and renewable electricity mix, Orus Energy offers a groundbreaking solution. 

Problem they solve: The shift towards a decarbonized and renewable energy mix is hindered by the current rigidity of the electricity grid, which struggles to handle intermittent renewable sources and fluctuating demand. Commercial buildings, which are significant energy consumers, play a pivotal role in this scenario but often lack the tools to optimize their energy usage effectively. Orus Energy addresses this gap by using AI to analyze and manage the energy consumption of commercial buildings, turning them into active participants in the energy transition. 

Impact:  By optimizing energy consumption and integrating more renewable sources, Orus Energy reduces the overall carbon footprint of the built environment. This contributes to a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions and supports global efforts to combat climate change. Furthermore, by improving the flexibility and efficiency of the electricity grid, Orus Energy facilitates a smoother transition to renewable energy sources, promoting a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.

Stage: Pre-Seed.

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