Episode 15

Meet the Founder series

Episode #15

Troy Carter

Founder and CEO at Earthshot Labs

Open Source AI model can solve the ECO Collapse?

Part 1:

During this new episode of our Founder series, we are sitting down with Troy Carter Founder and CEO @ Earthshot Labs, an open-source community developing the first, unified land-use model for landowners, investors, and policymakers to scale regenerative land management globally and tackle the ongoing ecological collapse. I was super excited and intrigued to learn more about Earthsholabs and their open-source community of engineers who gathered together in a quest to build the most advanced machine learning model, using data available from satellite imagery, on the ground observations, and other data sources to measure and map the various ecosystems around the world.

A perfect example of how Tech can bring an edge never seen before in the fight against Climate Change and environmental collapse. On top of the technological and scientific rigor applied by the people involved, the project is also led by deep and love gave that its co-founders first met at a spiritual retreat in Hawaii. During the show, we will learn more about what’s next for Earthshot labs in terms of development, financing models, and how you can collaborate with them today.


During the second part of the talk,Troy will share his secret sauce from his fundraising experience as a ClimateTech entrepreneur and their innovative investment structure using a rolling SAFE note that is tokenized with an Ethereum-based smart contract. Finally, we will conclude with his view on how to keep a good work-life balance whilst being a founder.

Part 2:

My Secret Sauce

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