Episode 25

Meet the Investor series

Episode #25

Mehrad Yaghmai

Program Director @ Terra.do

Are you a VC seeking to invest in climate?

Part 1:

n today’s episode, we will speak with Mehrad Yaghmai the Terra.do Director for the program ClimateTech for VC’s and Partner at Cool Climate Collective. The Climate Change for VC’s Program by Terra.do, launched by Susan su, is a 6-week intensive program for active venture investors who are seeking to get the latest in climate science and solutions, and explore ways that they can make a meaningful and profitable difference in the climate crisis. With Cool Climate Collective, a syndicate started in 2021 with Tistan Pollock (ex. 500), Mehrad seeks to invest in early stage Climate Tech companies alongside a number of great investors and angels.

I was excited to have Mehrad (who was also judging our last quarterly Climate Tech pitch competition with his partner Tristan) on the show to learn more about his very unique story which started in Dubai and then moved between, LA and San Francisco. During this journey, Mehrad has been wearing many different hats as a successful entrepreneur, product manager, supporter of various initiatives in the growing Dubai startup ecosystem and now supporting the Climate Tech movement by investing and teaching others to invest with the Climate Tech VC program.

During the show, Mehrad will give greater detail into the Terra.do ClimateTech VC program and their high value fellowship network. Covering how the program works and how they can help you to build your thesis and start investing in ClimateTech founders very quickly. Then we will cover the Cool Climate Collective syndicate investment thesis and how they support founders at the early stage. He will also share his very interesting views on the Climate Tech ecosystem today and how the emirate’s see the new waves of Climate Tech companies seeking to disturb traditional oil based economies in the middle east.
Finally, he will highlight underdog areas in Climate Tech, in which he sees exciting potential for investments and growth.


In the second part of the show, Mehrad will share his secret sauce that can increase your odds to fundraise successfully. Then, future investors in the Climate Tech space will learn interesting advice on how to build your investment thesis. Lastly, you will hear valuable tips on achieving work-life balance for founders and investors in this fast paced world.

Part 2:

My Secret Sauce

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