Episode 36

Meet the Investor series

Episode #36

Danijel Višević

Founding Partner @ World Fund

Investing in Startups That Can Save 100 Mgt CO2 eqv.

Part 1:

In today’s episode, we are speaking with Danijel Višević, Founding Partner @ World Fund. World Fund is a European Climate Tech VC investing in startups (from Seed to Series B) that have the potential to save at least 100Mt of CO2e per year. Their focus areas are key emitting sectors such as Energy, Food & Agriculture, Manufacturing, Buildings, and Transport. Through these focus areas, they aim to fill two significant investment gaps in climate tech: when it goes from lab to market and when it leaves the pilot stage to scale.

I was excited to have Danijel on the show, a unique person driven by “the love of life”, who has an unusual career path that led him to co-found a 350M climate tech fund. Danijele worked as a journalist and a communication expert in politics for the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, before investing in and supporting early-stage climate tech founders through the World Fund.

In this episode, Danijel will share his view of the European Climate Tech ecosystem, the gap between R&D and funding, and the challenges and opportunities that lie in Europe for accelerating capital deployment and directly impacting climate change.
Then, he will cover in detail how they select and support founders and how they measure the impact that they base their investment decisions on. Together we will go on to highlight underdog areas in the climate tech ecosystem in which he sees exciting potential for investments, growth, and impact.

Following that, Danijiel will share his view on the climate crisis today and how you can be involved in the growing climate tech movement and the World fund.


In the second part of the show, Danijiel will give his secret sauce for founders looking to fundraise and avoid red flags to pitch investors successfully. Lastly, Danijiel will cover how he tackles challenges to maintain a healthy work-life balance and share a few inspiring authors for Climate Tech founders.

Part 2:

My Secret Sauce

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