Episode 66

Meet the Founder series

Episode #66

Jon Salazar

Founder and CEO @ Gazelle Wind Power

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Deep-water floating wind turbines innovation is happening

Part 1:

During this new episode of our Founder Series, we sat down with Jon Salazar, Founder and CEO at Gazelle Wind Power. Gazelle has developed a unique and innovative Hybrid Floating Platform with high stability and attenuated pitch, designed and engineered by leading expert naval engineers. The company is on a mission to enable the power of wind for the globe and accelerate the worldwide opportunity for deep-water offshore wind energy.

I was excited to have Jon on the show and learn the ins and outs of the fast-growing offshore wind energy industry and how Gazelle has the potential to play a key role in tackling the cost and engineering challenges of deep-water floating wind turbines to unleash the industry’s full potential.

During this episode, you will learn about the industry and its potential for growth. What needs to happen to accelerate the development of the sector? With Jon, we will then cover the initial challenges in developing the solution Gazelle engineered from lab scale to pilot project. Finally, we will dive into their business model, their path to scale their solutions, and how you can get involved in the project.


In the second part of the show, Jon will share his secret sauce to successfully raise millions from large institutional investors to finance his hardware startups. He will also share some of his best reads and how he keeps up high energy despite his intense workload.

Part 2:

My Secret Sauce

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