How can you get the best of the climate tech industry in your mailbox? We found it quite challenging to navigate the ecosystems and get relevant content that helps us to support founders fighting climate change.

That’s why, at Startup Basecamp, we have compiled a list (in no specific order) of the best climate tech / clean tech and sustainability newsletters to subscribe to.

If you know of other great newsletters that we should recommend, please email us.

The Weekly Climate aims to take the most important news from many of the important climate newsletters and news sites (some of which are listed here) and summarise them into what you really need to know. If you are thinking about only subscribing to one, this would be a good choice!

Things to expect from their newsletter: Summarised climate statistics from the week, links to their latest podcasts, online climate tech challenges, news from the week regarding climate science, nuclear energy, landfills, and more. 

The Climate Tech Action Network connects engineers, technologists, and entrepreneurs who are passionate about finding climate crisis solutions and want to work with established climate tech companies. 

Things to expect from their newsletter: Referrals and information on climate tech conferences, career fairs, and mentorship programs. 

Capital for Climate is designing an intelligence platform that will provide investment professionals with the intelligence capabilities, tools, and collaborative mesh they need to readily move capital to the most impactful climate solutions while meeting financial objectives.

Things to expect from their newsletter: An overview of their best editorials, a recap on recent investment news, market updates, and green corporate commitments. 

Based in the united states, the Climate Nexus looks to highlight the wide-ranging impact of climate change. Because of this, their newsletters are in-depth and will often explain why a recent piece of news is important, damaging, or worth monitoring.

Things to expect from their newsletter: Top news on international climate policy, public legislation, climate diplomacy, activism, and oil & gas. 

5. RMI:

RMI are an independent NPO looking to accelerate the expansion of clean energy across the globe. They do this by working with businesses, policymakers, communities, and other organizations to identify and scale constructive energy interventions.

Things to expect from their newsletter: Each month the newsletter may have a different key focus depending on the biggest news of the week e.g major advances away from coal and into clean energy. They will share their latest blog posts on energy shifts across America, clean energy events coming up, and major clean energy news.

Another NPO, Carbon180s main aim is to remove more carbon from the atmosphere than is emitted. They aim to achieve this by connecting scientists, politicians, and businesses. 

Things to expect from their newsletter: Major carbon-related policies, scientific advances, job openings, articles, and more.

This newsletter is a great resource for those looking to get more involved in solving the climate crisis. Climate Base highlights the jobs, people, and companies who are working against climate change and how you can get involved.

Things to expect from their newsletter: Jobs in climate-related fields, jobs depending on your area, events nearby, and other community news. 

Food Tech Connect is another great community resource for jobs, events, and information however, this is specific to those in the food-tech industry. Their aim is to achieve a “good food innovation movement”, much of which is related to green food practices. 

Things to expect from their newsletter: News and updates in Food Technology ranging from retail and restaurants to eaters and agriculture. They also include job listings in the food-tech industry (remote and otherwise).

Carbon Commentary is an independent blog and newsletter from Chris Goodall, author of “What we Need to do Now- Towards a Green New Deal” and new technologies expert. He provides information into the many ways mankind can move away from fossil fuels.

Things to expect from their newsletter: Chris highlights key news events in the climate tech industry that caught his eye and expands on them with his own insights. A very useful way to get background and more context to complicated events from someone who knows.

Climate Tech VC is first and foremost a Newsletter. Founded by climate investors, this resource is packed with insights from those who are at the forefront of climate technology and innovation. 

Things to expect from their newsletter: Highlights and summaries from important recent tech events, the biggest tech deals of the week, interviews with featured startups, job listings, opportunities, and events.

My Climate Journey is podcast hosted by Jason Jacobs for anyone better looking to understand climate journey, and how they can take action against it. Their podcasts feature thought-provoking conversations with those working in climate change, policy, climate tech founders, and more. They are a great way to stay informed in a way that is digestible but doesn’t compromise on content and impact.

Things to expect from their newsletter: This newsletter is jam-packed with information. It features links to their latest podcasts, climate careers, a job board, climate tech funding news, events, and other insights you might need as a climate activist and business owner.

GreenBiz is a media house on a mission to push for growth towards a clean and just economy. They promote events, networks, stories and communities that are on a shared path to fight climate change.

Things to expect from their newsletter: GreenBiz has 7 newsletters that cover topics from energy and sustainable food systems, to green financing, sustainable transportation, and circular economic marketplaces. Their newsletters are comprehensive, current and always well informed.

The Impact is another primary newsletter that offers weekly insight into emerging climate technologies and news in cleantech. Their aim is to provide their audience with tools and knowledge that will help them take climate action. All of this information is gathered by researchers, and industry founders, and executives.

Things to expect from their newsletter: Featured stories from the week with the latest insight into food tech, fintech, and cleantech innovations. For each story, they outline how the project works, what is objectives it solves, and why it is important.

Innovate Climate is a primary newsletter that displays trending climate-tech startups. Their mission is to help startups succeed, specifically by providing visibility to others in the sector and facilitating introductions.

Things to expect from their newsletter: Each week they feature up and coming startups explain a bit about their stage, founders, and what progressions they are making in the industry.

Entrepreneurs for Impact newsletter centers on all information that helps us mobilize towards zero commitments. That means it covers the wide range of climate change impacts, causes, and effects, from pollution and carbon emissions to social justice and inequality.

Things to expect from their newsletter: Written by Dr. Chris Wedding, Founder and Chief Catalyst of Entrepreneurs for Impact, the newsletter covers climate finance, impact investing, personal development, conscious leadership, and more. The content is written in a humorous and thought-provoking style that showcases his years of industry experience on the most relevant climate information.

16. Keep Cool

The Keep Cool Newsletter is written by Nick Van Osdol of Workweek Media focused on giving you the main news of the week in climate tech. 

Things to expect from their newsletter: The newsletter is written in a very informal and friendly style. It focuses on some key deals within one climate tech vertical for every edition which goes out twice a week. Every spotlight article is then followed by an in-depth focus on the key deals across climate tech for the week. 


HEATED is “a newsletter for people who are pissed off about the climate crisis” with a series of articles and a podcast featuring deep dives across the climate space.

Things to expect from their newsletter: The newsletter comes out once a week primarily with a focus on how climate is being spoken about in politics and popular media. Each week features one deep dive insightful article, but also a bit of fun, with a photo of a furry friend from the newsletter readership. 

Pique Action focuses on stories of climate solutions, to send you good vibes for your week and fight climate change through positive storytelling. They feature stories of climate action and individuals making a positive impact around the world. 

Things to expect from their newsletter: Every week, Pique Action sends out their Pique Behind the Curtain with a few short articles about positive change in the climate space, be they from individuals, governments, or large corporations. They also include community recommendations on other articles read and events to attend.

Climate Salad is an Australian climate tech community of founders and experts looking to connect and grow. They have events and a slack group all with the aim to help founders grow their customer base and access to investment. 

Things to expect from their newsletter: Climate Salad’s newsletter is chockfull of industry insights, founder tips, climate tech articles and events.  

A bonus addition to the list is our very own newsletter from Startup Basecamp! At Startup Basecamp we are passionate about unlocking your startup’s potential and using it to grow innovative tech solutions that will solve the climate crisis. We want to put you in touch with the information, people, and organizations at the forefront of this movement, and our newsletter is one more way we do that.

Things to expect from our newsletter: Our newsletter features industry insights, article recommendations, tips for founders, upcoming accelerator deadlines and climate tech events, and climate tech jobs. 

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