20 Women Driving The Future of Climate Tech: Part 6

There have been clear strides toward increasing gender equality in climate tech, but we still have a ways to go. Women often speak to the difficulties they face finding their fit in networking events or pitch competitions. It’s natural human extinct to gravitate toward those similar to us in race, background, and gender, so women tend to gravitate toward themselves. For that reason, there are now some incubators and accelerators with women-only cohorts and some women-only investment funds.  These clear efforts by women to support women should be lauded. 
And yet, recent research shows that those women-led startups that have received funding from women-led VCs are two times less likely to raise additional financing. Furthermore, the pitches of these startups are further judged to be rated lower in quality than all other pitches.  
So, in an effort to support women entrepreneurs, we have been highlighting women in leadership roles in climate tech. In this ongoing series, we aim to highlight the female founders who are both creating the technology needed to address climate change and those helping drive and finance it. These role models inspire us to keep creating and supporting climate innovation and, in doing so, spur on the positive feedback cycle for other climate-focused women!

For more useful resources on female founders and investors, we recommend taking a look at our first three editions of Women Driving the Future of Climate Tech: Part 1Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5, as well as Pitchbooks’ Dashboard for European and US VC Female Founders.

As this is our 6th installment, we now have 120 women driving the future of climate change, so we invite you to check out our full running list of all 120 women. 

 If you know of any female-led teams doing or funding climate-positive work, we hope you share it with us in this form.

1. Susannah McClintock

Investment Director

Firm: Clean Growth Fund

Climate Action Area: ClimateTech

Company Mission: CGF invests in innovations that reduce greenhouse gas emissions or improve resource efficiency across power, transport, industry, buildings, waste and water.



2. Amber Hager


Company: Emprove

Climate Action Area: EduTech

Company Mission: Effortlessly bring all your employees to carbon neutral, instantly creating a motivated, climate positive workforce with Emprove.

3. Dragana Vukasinovic

Founder and CEO

Company: Fauna Smart Technologies

Climate Action Area: AgTech

Company Mission: Fauna Smart Technologies is developing innovative tools for precise, fast and affordable pest management to significantly reduce (bio)pesticide usage, and improve the economic and environmental sustainability.


4. Ana Rita Colon Reyna

Director of Operations

Company: Blau Corp

Climate Action Area: Waste Management

Company Mission: We digitize waste management companies to make them smarter and more profitable.
We allow customers to deliver digital tickets, create smart routes, receive online payments, and track their trucks for free.

5. Ritu Verma

Co-founder, Managing Partner

Firm: Ankur Capital Fund

Climate Action Area: DeepTech

Company Mission: Ankur Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm investing in digital and deep science technology companies building breakthroughs for a better world. We aim to uncover and unlock opportunities in overlooked markets from India to the world.


6. Elina Kajosaari


Company: Sulapac

Climate Action Area: Plastic

Company Mission: Sulapac® is an award-winning, eco-friendly alternative for traditional fossil-based plastics. We know that products need to stand out and meet demanding technical requirements. That’s why brands and consumers love Sulapac. It is beautiful, functional and sustainable. Like nature.

7. Maud Caillaux


Company: Green Got

Climate Action Area: Fintech

Company Mission: Green-got is a bank that aligns with the sustainable values of its clients and allows clients to invest in sustainability projects and evaluate their footprint.


8-9. Hannah Davis and Charlotte Mallo

Co-Founder; Director

Company: Climate Raise

Climate Action Area: EdTech

Company Mission: ClimateRaise is an exclusive newsletter that showcases women-led climate startups – a space that is often overlooked.

10. Laura Cramer

Investment Director

Firm: Rubio Impact Ventures

Climate Action Area: ClimateTech

Company Mission: We are a venture capital fund investing in world-changing entrepreneurs who unite powerful impact with a scalable commercial business. We believe the most valuable companies will be the ones solving humanity’s biggest challenges.


11. Erin Rothman

Founder and CEO

Company: StormSensor

Climate Action Area: Water Management

Company Mission: StormSensor tracks the effects of climate change to reduce the vulnerability of our communities’ sewage infrastructure. Wetter weather and increased frequency of large storms means cities are more vulnerable to flooding, sewage overflows, and water pollution.

12. Laura Schewel

Founder and CEO

Company: Streetlight Data

Climate Action Area: Mobility

Company Mission: We harness connected devices to measure vehicle, transit, bike, and foot traffic virtually anywhere. Use our software to get counts, O-D, and other transportation metrics — for any road, area or time period.


13. Kristin Kagetsu


Company: Saathi Pads

Climate Action Area: Waste Management

Company Mission: Saathi is the first company to make a 100% biodegradable sanitary pad from banana fibre. We believe in a cradle-to-cradle approach to women’s health that benefits women and their communities at every step.

14-15. Maya Nitzberg and Jacqueline Firsty

Vice-President of Community ;
Senior Manager, Investor Program

Firm: Greentown Labs

Climate Action Area: ClimateTech Acceleration

Company Mission: Greentown Labs is a community of climate action pioneers working to design a more sustainable world. As the largest climatetech startup incubator in North America, Greentown Labs brings together startups, corporates, investors, policymakers, and many others with a focus on scaling climate solutions.


16. Abhilasha Purwar

Founder and CEO

Company: Blue Sky Analytics

Climate Action Area: Insuretech

Company Mission: Blue Sky Analytics is a Climate-Tech Startup using satellite-derived climate intelligence to power financial decisions. We provide off-the-shelf and bespoke data solutions spanning flood, drought, wildfire, and heat risk for monitoring, measuring, and mitigating portfolio risk.

17. Elena Maksimovich

Founder and CEO

Company: Weather Trade Net

Climate Action Area: Insurtech

Company Mission: Investors are increasingly concerned with the implications of Climate Change on the pricing of financial assets and on the allocation of their investment portfolios.


18-19. Gayathri Natarajan and Elmira Soghrati

Co-founders – CEO; CTO


Climate Action Area: Materials

Company Mission:
At KROSSLINKER, we innovate and transform Aerogel for challenging insulation applications. Our first product aims to serve the cold-chain biopharma packaging industry by protecting temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, precious biologics, and vaccines throughout their shipping journey with our transformative technology.

20. Veery Maxwell


Firm: Galvanize Climate Solutions

Climate Action Area: Climate Tech

Company Mission: Galvanize Climate Solutions (“Galvanize”) is a mission-driven investment platform that will provide the capital, expertise, and partnerships necessary to produce and scale vital and urgent climate solutions. It is purpose-built to accelerate decarbonization by integrating climate-focused investments with global activism.



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