Startups to Watch This Month: January Series Recap 2024

Every week, we feature 5 incredible climate tech startups, companies, or projects that are leading the fight against the climate crisis. Now at the end of this month of January 2024, we provide a recap of the startups to watch in climate tech. 

These startups have covered a range of fast-growing industries such as AI, GHG Capture and monitoring, Energy production and storage, Fintech, Foodtech, Agtech, and much, much more.

The list below is a recap of all the startups we have featured over October with some insight into the innovative work they and their teams are doing. 

We hope you find this resource useful and that you can refer back to it anytime you are looking for companies to support, invest in, work for, or collaborate with.

These startups are all added to our running list, which we have categorized based off of fuel emission sector from the most detailed, recent data SBC could identify from the World Resource Institute 2016. 

Energy Use in Industry and BuildingS

JoltWeek 3

Next generation electrodes for enhanced electrolysers and fuel cells.

MagnothermWeek 4

Their licensable & patented no-refrigerant low-energy cooling technology fits perfectly into supermarket applications and takes the temperature from an ambient of 20-25°C down to 5-0°C

Waste (Water & Landfills)

AlchemieWeek 3

A world with zero pollution from textile dyeing and finishing.

Agriculture, Forestry and Land Use

NitroVolt Week 2

 Leveraging a patent-pending electrochemical process, NitroVolt aims to decarbonize nitrogen-based fertilizer production, one farm at a time.

Aspyre FoodsWeek 4

Sustainable, ethical and affordable dairy products, without cows and without compromise.

Energy use in Transport

SparkChargeWeek 2

SparkCharge procures, operates, delivers, and maintains EV charging infrastructure where and when it is needed making it fast, and convenient.

NÜWIEL – Week 2

NÜWIEL provides innovative solutions for the last mile logistics to move goods in a sustainable and cost-efficient way. NÜWIEL’s eTrailer is the world’s first electric trailer with patented technology to use with any (e)bike and to walk in pedestrian zones.

GHG Capture, Use and Storage

VestaWeek 2

Coastal Carbon Capture is a way to harness the power of the oceans to accelerate the Earth’s natural long-term carbon dioxide removal process and enhance coastal resilience.

Cross-cutting enablers

ThermulonWeek 2

Novel process chemistry for non-flammable insulation materials.

MormairWeek 3

Decarbonising industry, energy, and critical raw materials.

SnoFoxWeek 3

Transforming the impact of the global cold chain.

ZitaraWeek 3

Championing better battery management for a decarbonizing world.

RenWeek 4

Empowering organizations to be 100% renewable through technology. Your supply chain renewable energy solution. Turn data into quality renewable energy projects, tailored to your decarbonization goals and commitments.

Colossal BiosciencesWeek 4

Colossal creates disruptive technologies for extinct species restoration, critically endangered species protection and the repopulation of critical ecosystems that support the continuation of life on Earth.

Pow.BioWeek 4

Pow.Bio is revolutionizing the field of biomanufacturing with its state-of-the-art high-efficiency fermentation platform. Breaking away from the traditional reliance on larger bioreactors, Pow.Bio introduces a groundbreaking approach that decouples growth and production phases, tackling the persistent issues of contamination and genetic drift. 

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