Startups to Watch This Month: June Series Recap 2023

Every week, we feature 5 incredible climate tech startups, companies, or projects that are leading the fight against the climate crisis. Now at the end of this month of June 2023, we provide a recap of the startups to watch in climate tech. 

These startups have covered a range of fast-growing industries such as AI, GHG Capture and monitoring, Energy production and storage, Fintech, Foodtech, Agtech, and much, much more.

The list below is a recap of all the startups we have featured over June with some insight into the innovative work they and their teams are doing. 

We hope you find this resource useful and that you can refer back to it anytime you are looking for companies to support, invest in, work for, or collaborate with.

These startups are all added to our running list, which we have categorized based off of fuel emission sector from the most detailed, recent data SBC could identify from the World Resource Institute in 2016. 

Energy use in Industry and Buildings

Fervo EnergyWeek 1

Fervo Energy provides 24/7 carbon-free energy from next-gen geothermal power projects.

Carnot Engines – Week 1

Developing the world’s most efficient, fuel agnostic, net-zero powertrains.

Proxima FusionWeek 2

We are a European startup building the first generation of fusion power plants using QI stellarators.

ChementWeek 2

Eco-friendly cement production via an electrochemical process.

Muon Vision Inc. – Week 3

Muon Vision gives you X-ray powers to increase mining safety, digitalization of assets and boost metal recovery.

FutraheatWeek 3

Electrifying industry’s heat for a zero carbon future. Pioneering ground-breaking TurboClaw® high temperature heat pump technology for the cost-effective decarbonisation of industry’s heat.

Oort EnergyWeek 4

Oort Energy is a manufacturer of green hydrogen systems for energy storage and clean fuel. We are innovators who have found the solutions to the major cost-barriers of green hydrogen. We offer an electrolyser system that is efficient, durable, scalable, and has class-leading cost-effectiveness.

Energy use in Transport

FlyOROWeek 2

To be aviation’s finest supply chain integrator for Sustainable Aviation Fuels to take flight.

Boundary Layer Technology – Week 2

We convert your fleet to electric to lower your organizations carbon footprint and reduce running costs.

Armada TechnologiesWeek 3

The cleanest energy is the energy we never use.
Armada is currently developing the world’s first ‘passive air lubrication system.’

ArintoWeek 4

Arinto is an arrival optimization system for the shipping industry to increase efficiency based on the just-in-time principle.

Agriculture, Forestry and Land Use

Lucent BiosciencesWeek 2

Developing the world’s most efficient, fuel agnostic, net-zero powertrains.

Nosh BiofoodsWeek 4

We are developing superior technical functional ingredients from microbial biomass for the food industry. Non-GMO, sustainable, at price parity.

ChrysaLabsWeek 4

Portable, accurate & real-time soil data solution, enabling producers and agronomists to save time and money.

RhizocoreWeek 5

Working with symbiotic fungi to grow healthier, more resilient forests.

Hyfe FoodsWeek 5

Transforming the carbon we have into the carbon we need.

GHG Capture, Use and Storage

CUR8Week 1

CUR8 is dedicated to building the global market for carbon removals.

The Landbanking GroupWeek 3

Building Nature’s Bank. Nature delivers 140 trn USD worth of services every year – for free. She needs a better bank.

RemovrWeek 3

In Removr, we develop solutions for removing CO2 from the atmosphere and store it permanently in the geosphere.

ViridiCO2Week 4

Enabling greater sustainability to manufacturers by deriving products from CO2 feedstocks, closing the carbon loop.

Cross-cutting enablers

CambriumWeek 1

Cambrium’s mission is to trigger the next wave of material innovation by harnessing biology’s molecular building blocks.

Krill DesignWeek 1

We create design products in a sustainable and innovative way.

NanomoxWeek 5

Sustainable advanced materials.

Deep.MetaWeek 5

AI you can understand, that identifies metallurgical defects in real time and suggest parameter adjustments.

Aepnus TechologyWeek 5

Electrified chemicals manufacturing for a carbon-free future.

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