The Climate Tech Companies to Watch This Month: June Week 3

June week 3, 2022: In this monthly series, we are doing a weekly feature of incredible climate tech startups, companies, or projects that are leading the fight against the climate crisis. 

These startups work in a number of fast-growing industry categories which include but are not limited to; EDUTECH, FINTECH, GREENTECH (including Energy and Transportation), FOOD & AG TECH, and CONSTRUTECH.

This list will give you an opportunity to better understand the problem(s) they solve, the impact they are looking to have in the climate fight, and how you can further their work.

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Week 3:

FoodTech Startups:

1. WNWN Food Labs

wnwn labs product climate tech startups to watch

2021 – London, UK

Ahrum Pak, Johnny Drain

Elevator Pitch:
WNWN Food Labs is a food tech company making the world’s favourite foods more sustainable and future proof. We’re starting with chocolate: we’re making chocolate without cacao.

Problem They Solve:
What we make is just like chocolate. It tastes like chocolate. It even snaps, melts and bakes like chocolate!But it’s cacao-free! (and palm oil-free, and vegan, and caffeine-free… okay we’re showing off now)

To combat the effects of Big Chocolate (yes, like Big Pharma, it’s a thing), we created a cacao-free alternative made from plant-based ingredients that are fermented and roasted, just like real chocolate. Changing chocolate? It’s Win-Win.


Interested in WNWN?
To learn more about WNWN, see here.

Energy Production Startups:

2. Naco

Naco labs product climate tech startups to watch

2020 –
Riga, Latvia

Aleksandrs Parfinovics

Elevator Pitch:
Naco Technologies creates specialized nano-coatings and new materials that replace the need for platinum and other expensive materials in the production and usage of hydrogen at a massive scale.

Problem They Solve:
Many  industrial hydrogen producers are looking to save humanity from the “fossil fuel monster” and drive the clean energy revolution. These companies need to scale massively in order to achieve market demand to reach carbon neutrality. But they are currently constrained, because the catalytic process which strips clean hydrogen from water is extremely expensive and dependent on noble materials. When industrial hydrogen producers start trying to scale, they are going to face skyrocketing prices of noble materials like platinum as they play a critical role in separating hydrogen from water. The same price increase is going to happen on the consumption side of hydrogen vehicles like airplanes, trains and cars.

Naco Technologies improves performance of hydrogen systems, provides unique material recipes and coating solutions and reduces significantly hydrogen system costs.

Naco’s mission is to develop top quality solutions based on new materials and exceptionally innovative coating technologies for climate neutrality and sustainable products.


Interested in Naco Technologies?
If you are interested in learning more, see here.

Energy Systems Startups:

3. Rebase Energy

rebase platform climate tech startups to watch
Founded: 2020 – Stockholm, Sweden

Sebastian Haglund El Gaidi, Mihai Silviu Chiru
Elevator Pitch:
Rebase Energy empower energy innovators with data and tools to optimally dispatch distributed energy resources while maintaining the balance and robustness of the grid.

Problem They Solve:
Rebase provides smart open-source agents for buildings energy optimisation.

Rebase Energy gives you accurate weather datasets, data pipelining, backtesting and deployment so businesses can focus on what brings value to them: creating accurate energy forecasts.


Interested in Rebase?
To learn more about their business, click here.

Construtech Startups:

4. Materials Nexus

Founded: 2020 – London, UK

Jon Pillow, Nic Stirk, Jonathan Bean, Robert Forrest

Elevator Pitch:
Materials Nexus provides a ground-breaking AI-enabled Materials Discovery Platform born out of Cambridge University to transform the way that new materials are designed using a rapid automated process and advanced quantum calculations that give high accuracy to predict properties of materials at larger scales.

Problem They Solve:
Our revolutionary modelling platform, born out of research at Cambridge University, accelerates materials research and development by harnessing the power of AI. We work with partners who are active in material R&D, enabling them to use our unprecedented speed and accuracy to increase their understanding of how their materials work, how to improve them, and how to design new more sustainable materials.

At Materials Nexus, we care passionately about the state of the world and its future. We came together through the Carbon13 Venture Builder and we are all determined to do what we can to make the world a better place. For us, this means reducing global CO2 emissions by enabling a new generation of ‘green’ materials with reduced emissions and improved performance.


Interested in Materials Nexus?
To learn more about their technology or get in touch, see here.

AgTech Startups:

5. CattleEye

cattle eye product climate tech startups to watch

2019 – Belfast, UK

Terry Canning

Elevator Pitch:
CattleEye provides a complete solution to livestock farmers, allowing them to monitor the performance and welfare of their cows.

Problem They Solve:
We provide a completely hands-free way to monitor your cows welfare and performance. We don’t need collars or pedometers that need regular maintenance and commissioning. All you need to do is mount a basic low-cost security camera over the entrance or exit of your milking parlour and our artificial intelligence algorithms in the cloud will start learning how to uniquely identify your cows, monitoring welfare and an increasing number of other behaviours. We then deliver these insights right back to your smartphone and/or integrated with your farm management system saving an average farmer £350 per cow per year.

Our autonomous video monitoring platform requires minimal hardware to deploy with only a basic IP security camera installed over the exit race of a milking parlour connected to the farm Internet. With this installation, our platform will help your supply chain become more efficient and provide robust non-repudiable welfare information such as mobility scores. The system will not interfere with our impact other on-farm monitoring devices that the farm may already be using.

Research has shown that increasing cow efficiencies can reduce Green House Gas emissions by up to 30% per litre of milk produced. Our insights give farmers the opportunity to take action to make those efficiency gains. Like our farmers we are committed to improving welfare levels of the cows we monitor, like them we know that a happy cow is a more productive cow. To achieve this we pick up on early signs of lameness and give farmers an opportunity to treat that lameness before it becomes chronic. Early indication and treatment will help lower antibiotic usage on farms.

CattleEye aims to provide the next generation of ruminant livestock monitoring solutions improving the lives of farmers and their livestock. We plan to bring to market the first autonomous livestock monitoring system for ruminant livestock based on video analytics powered by deep learning Artificial Intelligence.


Want to learn more about CattleEye?
To learn more about their technology or get in touch see here.

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