Looking for climate tech, clean tech and sustainability news? We’ve made a second list of top newsletters to subscribe to! If you’re interested in looking at our first list, take a look here:

Climate Tech is a rapidly evolving landscape and there can be a lot of information to try make sense of.  We have found some of these newsletters to be the best resources to stay up to date with informed opinions.

If you know of other great newsletters that we should recommend, please send us a note at [email protected]

1. Important Not Important

Frequency: Weekly

Things to expect from their Newsletter: Important, Not Important’s newsletter covers climate news from 4 important angles; Why the news is important, what can be done about it, what news we can celebrate, and what experts we should hear from. 

The newsletter provides in-depth coverage over a few key areas, meaning that if you are just tuning into this topic, they will backlink to the context you need, and explain why it is relevant. They have been nominated for 6 Webbys, 2 Shorty Social Good Awards, and are one of Overcast’s top 10 most recommended science podcasts!

2. Volts:

Frequency: Bi-Weekly

Things to expect from their newsletter: Volts describes itself as a “newsletter about clean energy and politics” that deals less with the news and facts, and more with the big picture. It takes both in depth looks at certain topics, and outward looks at “larger narratives” and topics such as 24/7 carbon free energy. 


3. Climate Change Resources:

Frequency: Weekly

Things to expect from their newsletter: CCR features breaking climate news from across the US. They also share new technologies, actions to take, opinion pieces, FAQ’s and resources that help their readers learn more about the history, politics, science, and people working in climate change.

4. Climate Raise:

Frequency: Bi-Weekly

Things to expect from their newsletter: If you’re looking for female climate tech founders this is a great read! Climate Raise’s newsletter is a short and sweet NL that promotes vetted, early-stage climate startups led by women and offers their community the opportunity to connect with them.

5. Joro:

Frequency: Bi-Weekly

Things to expect from their newsletter:
Joro are a carbon monitoring and offsetting app that release a bi-weekly newsletter containing actions you can take to reduce your carbon footprint. They share tips based on recent news events that are short, clear and easy to implement!

6. FoodHack:

Frequency: Bi-Weekly

Things to expect from their newsletter:
FoodHack is a great resource for founders working in Food Tech and alternatives. They send 2 newsletters each week. The Monday newsletter reports on industry trends, active investors, emerging industry leaders etc. The Friday newsletter contains a “This Week In Food” section, and recaps of the top industry news and funding.

7. Sifted EU- Sustain:

Frequency: Weekly

Things to expect from their newsletter: Sifted are a news site that cover European startups, founders, investors and partners in a range of growing fields. They have 5 newsletters to choose from but we recommend Sustain, which covers all things green startups, clean tech and climate related.

8. Canary Media:

Frequency: Daily

Things to expect from their newsletter: Canary Media is a non-profit news outlet sponsored by RMI that covers all things climate tech & clean energy. Their newsletter features their latest coverage on developing energy technology and energy policy around the US.

9. Inside Climate News

Frequency: Weekly/Daily

Things to expect from their newsletter: Inside Climate News is a great source if you want breaking news stories on climate science, policy, justice, and fossil fuels sent straight to you. They have 4 newsletters to choose including inside clean energy, breaking news, todays climate, and weekly, depending on what news you are looking for and how often you want it.

10. B The Change

Frequency: Weekly

Things to expect from their newsletter: B The Change is the B Corporations weekly newsletter, the non-profit network known for certifying corporations entire social and environmental impact. Their newsletter highlights stories about teams that are using business as a force for good and the practices we need to consider in order to maintain better supply chains, manufacturing and economies. 

11. Grist- looking Forward:

Frequency: Daily/Weekly/Bi-Weekly/Monthly

Things to expect from their newsletter: Grist is US environmental media company that produce great in depth reporting on issues of environmental and social justice. They have 6 newsletters to choose from but our recommendations are the The Beacon, an optimistic daily report on climate news that aims to inspire hope, and Looking Forward, which covers what we need to do, invent and act on for a cleaner future. 

12. Carbon Brief:

Frequency: Daily/Weekly/Bi-Weekly

Things to expect from their newsletter: 
This award-winning UK news site are a comprehensive trustworthy source for clear climate information. They  also have a range of newsletters but we recommend The Weekly Briefing if you are looking to see the top stories from the daily and weekly newsletters. They cover climate science and its intersections with policy around the world.  

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