Startups to Watch This Month: July Series Recap 2023

Every week, we feature 5 incredible climate tech startups, companies, or projects that are leading the fight against the climate crisis. Now at the end of this month of July 2023, we provide a recap of the startups to watch in climate tech. 

These startups have covered a range of fast-growing industries such as AI, GHG Capture and monitoring, Energy production and storage, Fintech, Foodtech, Agtech, and much, much more.

The list below is a recap of all the startups we have featured over July with some insight into the innovative work they and their teams are doing. 

We hope you find this resource useful and that you can refer back to it anytime you are looking for companies to support, invest in, work for, or collaborate with.

These startups are all added to our running list, which we have categorized based off of fuel emission sector from the most detailed, recent data SBC could identify from the World Resource Institute in 2016.

Energy use in Industry and Buildings

FlexalityWeek 1

Flexality enables energy flexibility for the industry.

Frost MethaneWeek 1

A company working to combat runaway climate change by deploying remote methane destruction devices.

3E NanoWeek 2

Nano-Thin Energy and Solar Control Coatings, Industry Leading Window Thermal Management.

Aed EnergyWeek 3

Lowering the cost of decarbonised power and heat.

NLine EnergyWeek 3

We recover wasted energy and turn it into clean, renewable power.

Agriculture, Forestry and Land Use

Myco FuturesWeek 2

Future materials for innovative design.

HoloWeek 3

We are building the future of regenerative agriculture.

BurnBotWeek 3

BurnBot builds and operates systems to prevent destructive wildfires by scaling fuel treatment.

natcapWeek 4

Working with symbiotic fungi to grow healthier, more resilient forests.

VFlowTechWeek 4

VFlowTech is a Singapore-based energy storage solutions provider manufacturing low-cost and efficient modular vanadium redox flow batteries.

GHG Capture, Use and Storage

PrefletWeek 1

Reducing buildings’ carbon footprint with Energy AI.

Cross-cutting enablers

Wild MicrobesWeek 1

We use cutting-edge technology to develop new microbial chasses, making scaling sustainable products faster and cheaper than ever.

Dovetail FinanceWeek 2

Helping investors fund the climate transition and deliver great returns.

Complex EarthWeek 2

Advanced software for ecological regeneration.

Material NexusWeek 3

Accelerating change to net-zero materials

KlimateWeek 4

On a mission to scale the carbon removal industry by connecting projects and buyers with efficient financing.

WaterplanWeek 4

Waterplan is the world’s leading all-in-one climate platform to Measure, Respond and Report your increasingly changing water risk.

Waste (water & landfills)

SpringWeek 1

Changing the way the world consumes technology.

CyclizeWeek 2

Replacing fossil feedstock using plastic waste and CO2 to defossilize industry and enable a circular economy of carbon.

YangiWeek 4

Say hello to Yangi, the caring paper packaging system that closes the loop.

Find out more about each of these startups by reading the full articles below:

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