We are thrilled to share with you our third installment of our “Climate Tech and Sustainability” Newsletter list.

Through this series, we aim to connect you with the thought leaders and changemakers who are creating informative and inspiring content. Whether you are established in the climate tech sector or a newcomer eager to learn, these newsletters bring to your inbox a wealth of knowledge from across the globe.

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Don’t forget to check out part 1 and part 2.

The Carbon Equity delivers monthly newsletters focusing on impact subject, private equity and climate tech.

Things to expect from their newsletter: Interesting reads, news from within their funds, carbon equity updates and more!

Climate Tech Distillery newsletter goes out every Saturday morning. You will learn everything you need to know about 1 climate tech topic in less than 5 minutes. 

Things to expect from their newsletter: Three hottest news, one topic explanation (what it’s all about, how it works and its pros and cons ), three hottest companies and three links that will help you to learn about the topic.

A summary of the week’s climate news, delivered to your inbox on a Friday, plus occasional extra bulletins on breaking news, investigations and major events.

Things to expect from their newsletter: You will get the latest news, analysis and comment on the international politics of the climate crisis.

ClimateHack weekly newsletter allows you to stay ahead of the curve on the latest funding, partnerships and news in ClimateTech.

Things to expect from their newsletter: Top news on climate tech, funding insights in under a 5-minute read. 

With a mission to accelerate industrial decarbonisation, Decarb Connect brings you regular insight, articles, interviews and podcasts from those who share their vision.

Things to expect from their newsletter:  Latest insights, events, news and reports from Decarb Connect.

Through tips, learnings, resources, and insights, Following the Footprints aims to share how brands and businesses are evolving to be more planet positive – whilst discussing the challenges and decisions they have faced along the way.

Things to expect from their newsletter:  Featuring good news from the week, profiles of small consumer goods brands, a topic or area you can work on, and a curation of resources for you to browse – every Monday! 

Discover insights from the world’s largest expert network in sustainability (1,000+ climate ministers, scientists and CEOs), stay updated with unlimited industry news, and find the right solution for your sustainability needs among hundreds of corporate partners.

Things to expect from their newsletter: The Top 10 trending news and editorials of your field, curated from 500+ sources, and paired with insights from their 1,000+ thought leaders.

Food Waste, Plastic Pollution, e-commerce waste problem, water crisis- it’s easy to dismiss them as someone else’s problem. It’s easy to tell ourselves that someone else is taking care of this. But who is this ‘someone else’? And where are they?

Things to expect from their newsletter: Every week, you will receive stories of startups and founders across the world that are tirelessly working on solving sustainability problems. 

An investigation into how our cities can become beautiful, resilient, and livable in the face of climate change.

Things to expect from their newsletter: The Parachute newsletter is released in seasons, each featuring solution-based case studies. As they travel the world, they share conversations and findings through field notes, each season highlighting the trends they’ve uncovered along the way.

Reconsidered newsletter delivers a curated briefing for people passionate about using business for good.

Things to expect from their newsletter: Every other week, the Reconsidered team brings you fresh discoveries from the world of corporate responsibility, sustainability + social impact. Each newsletter includes: five thought-provoking links, a curated list of impact job opportunities, interviews with global impact leaders plus exclusive tools & resources.

This newsletter aims to separate the signal from the noise for making money in all things sustainable transportation: electrification, mode shift, active and public transit, and mobility aggregation, across both people and goods movement.

Things to expect from their newsletter: This newsletter focuses on where the money resides in all things related to sustainable mobility, transportation and logistics.

The Climate of Business is a weekly roundup covering the latest news and discussions around ESG, corporate sustainability, and business net zero.

Things to expect from their newsletter:  Top news on sustainability topics.

Climate optimism isn’t about denying what we can see with our own eyes. It’s understanding that we know how to prevent things from getting worse and that the progress we’ve made gets lost in all the climate doom headlines.

Things to expect from their newsletter: You will receive a monthly dose of good news about climate action.

The Gist is the monthly newsletter of The Ad Hoc Group that covers everything at the intersection of climate tech and policy.

Things to expect from their newsletter: Each month they feature articles relating to policy and climate tech.

Yale Climate Connections is an initiative of the Yale Center for Environmental Communication, directed by Dr. Anthony Leiserowitz of the Yale School of the Environment at Yale University.

Things to expect from their newsletter: News on different topics to help you understand the reality of climate change and what you can do about it.

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