20 Women Driving The Future of Climate Tech: Part 10

We are thrilled to unveil Part 10 of our ongoing series: “20 Women Leading the Charge in Climate Tech.”

In this latest edition, we shine a light on the tireless efforts of women globally who are at the forefront of the fight against climate change. But our celebration goes beyond just applauding women founders and investors. We’re acknowledging the significant strides women make in championing sustainability.

To play our part in promoting the climate tech ecosystem, we focus on women holding the reins, be it as founders, investors, in academia or as community builders. Through this series, we showcase the women not only developing transformative solutions for climate change but also those who power its adoption and financing. These trailblazers fuel our passion for pushing the boundaries of climate innovation, setting in motion a ripple effect that empowers more women in the climate tech arena!

For more useful resources on female founders and investors in climate tech, we recommend taking a look at our first editions of Women Driving the Future of Climate Tech: Part 1Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5Part 6, Part 7Part 8 & Part 9. As this is our 10th installment, we now have 200 women driving the future of climate change, so we invite you to check out our full running list of all 200 women. 

If you know of any female-led teams doing or funding climate-positive work, we hope you share it with us in this form.


1. Orianna Bretschger

Co-Founder & CEO

Company: Aquacycl

Climate Action Area: Water treatment

2. Sofia Babanova

Co-Founder & CTO


Company Mission: Aquacycl provides technologies for safe, reliable and cost-effective wastewater treatment. Aquacycl offers the only technology to rapidly treat high-strength wastewater, eliminate primary sludge and recover energy as direct electricity (no methane). All of these benefits can provide end-users up to 95% savings in operational costs for treatment of industrial, agricultural, military or commercial wastewater. 

3. Fanny Sauvée

Co- Founder & COO

Company: Orus Energy

Climate Action Area: Energy

Company Mission: The flexibility of the electricity grid is what will make or break the energy transition to a decarbonized and renewable electricity mix. ‍ They are leveraging the power of AI to unlock a tremendous potential of electrical flexibility in commercial buildings.

4. Ksenija Milicevic Neumann 

Co-Founder & CTO

Company: Tozero

Climate Action Area: Energy

Company Mission: Tozero GmbH is on the mission to challenge the status quo of lithium-ion battery recycling technologies and accelerate the decarbonization efforts.

5. Xirui Li


Company: Biometallica

Climate Action Area:
Circular Economy

Company Mission: Maximise the platinum group metals industry’s circular economy by recycling various waste sources using innovative, green, and sustainable biorecovery technology.

6. Ida Marie Thin Pedersen

Co-Founder & CPO

Company: Litech

Climate Action Area:

7. Synne Sauar

Co-Founder & CEO


Company Mission: Litech is on a mission to detect incorrectly sorted batteries in fragmented waste streams, and the negative consequences that follow. Our solution combines the latest research with industry knowledge, to create a cutting-edge sensor that has not yet been seen in the industry.

8. Nethaji Gallage

Co-founder & CEO

Company: Octarine Bio

Climate Action Area: Biotechnology

Company Mission: Pioneering new sustainable bio-based ingredients.

9. Guadalupe Murga

Co-founder & CEO

Company: Sylvarum

Climate Action Area: Agriculture Bio Tech

Company Mission: Sylvarum intercepts electrostimulation tech with AI to control the metabolism of plants in order to improve crop yields.

10. Sophia Wennstedt

Co-Founder & CEO

Company: Blip Energy

Climate Action Area: Energy

Company Mission: Blip’s grid-edge smart home battery allows modern households to take advantage of changing energy prices, while providing grid operators a powerful grid-edge network of distributed capacity to stabilize grid volatility and reduce operating costs.

11. Dhaarsi Jaksch

Co-founder & Principal Scientist

Company: Magmatic Bio

Climate Action Area: Circular Economy

Company Mission: Critical Metal Regeneration powered by the biological repertoire that evolution has forged over billions of years. Magmatic thrives to establish novel integrated metal separation process for the recovery of the full range of metals.

12. Valentina Dipietro

CO-Founder & COO

Company: Mykor

Climate Action Area:

13. Olivia Page

Co-Founder & CEO

Company Mission: Mykor is a biotechnology startup that aims to decarbonize the construction industry. Mykor creates insulation panels made from industrial residues and mycelium that is 3D printed. This saves homeowners money and lowers energy usage. 


14. Keely Anson


Firm: Collab Fund

Company Mission: They are a network of fund managers investing across asset classes, identifying and supporting companies that live at the intersection of for-profit & for-good.

15. Laura Ortiz Montemayor

Co-Founder & Investor
Firm: SVX MX

Company Mission: Their mission is to ensure capital serves humanity and the life of the planet. SVX MX is an impact investment and climate finance consulting firm in Mexico and Latin America. Since 2016, it has been a B company, cultivating social and environmental impact investments and investors.

16. Muthoni Wachira

General Partner & Investor Director
Firm: Katapult Africa

Company Mission: They invest in and accelerate impactful agritech, foodtech, and climate tech startups operating in Africa.

17. Irena Spazzapan

Managing Partner

Firm: Systemiq Capital

Company Mission: They are a multi-specialist climate VC fund with deep expertise in sustainable food and materials, climate intelligence and finance, clean transport and climate restoration. They back the best climate-tech entrepreneurs at late seed to Series A/B and connect them to their ecosystem of corporates and policymakers, giving portfolio companies a platform to accelerate their growth and influence.

18. Lisa Kate Miller

Founder & CEO

Firm: Wedgetail

Company Mission: Wedgetail’s mission is to conserve and restore biodiversity through sustainable investment. They do this by providing financial capital to businesses that put biodiversity at the heart of their business models, resulting in better financial returns and better outcomes for nature at the same time.


19. Puja Balachander

Director of Venture

Community: Carbon13

Company Mission: They select and support thousands of entrepreneurs to build ventures each with the potential to reduce or remove at least 10 million tonnes of CO2e per annum once at scale.

20. Susana Reber

Startup Accelerator Lead

Firm: Nestlé R&D Accelerator

Company Mission: They are a global community of curious, open-minded doers with a shared vision to bring meaningful impact to the world’s food and nutrition systems. By unleashing the potential of individuals and startups, they empower them to tackle significant challenges, bring their ideas to life, and catalyze transformative change always with a win-win partnership in mind.


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